Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pre-Xmas X-posure!

So how was your Christmas? Did you enjoy the snow? Despite the impending shutdown, Like the Spice was still open and hoppin' on Wednesday, for opening night of Exposure, the latest show from Nicki Stager and Michelle Hinebrook. Here's a quick recap!

Right when you walk in the door, you understand how lovely this show can be. There's a light from Nicki and Michelle's work that seems to come as though from nowhere. Seeing them in person really underscores just how talented these two women are.

Despite the FREEZING cold, we were pretty happy with the crowd. It was a friendly, fun atmosphere, almost totally informal, and a wonderful opportunity to just talk to the artists face to face.

There's Nicki Stager on the right, talking to some fans. When not creating their own work, Nicki and Michelle are both teachers, helping the next generation of artists. This also means they're very accessibly when you've got questions about their work. Remember, both Nicki and Michelle will be at our next Monthly Dinner, coming up on January 15th. Previous dinners have been an absolute blast, so you can be sure this one will be just as exciting. Just remember, reservations are required. Hurry and make your reservations right now!

It was so wonderful to have so many guests at our opening night, despite the terrifying threat of snow. But what if you couldn't make it? Oh, well, you know we'll always forgive YOU! Just be sure to stop in anytime between right now and January 17th. Really, Exposure is a show you're going to want to see in person.

(ps: Like the Spice will be closed on Thursday, December 31st, but we'll be open again on Saturday, January 2nd. 2010, here we come!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last chance to say your vows and bid farewell!

Hurry! Hurry! Today is the last day to view Civil Union: Jenny Morgan and David Mramor at Like The Spice . We hope that you are wedded to the idea of stopping by to see us and bid adieu to this fabulous show. Let's face it, the weather is less than tolerable, plus it is the season for giving so come to the gallery and share your company with us. Save yourself from this miserable Sunday and let us here at Like The Spice warm you with our hearts, a glass of wine, and the collaborative and individual pieces by the wonderfully talented and innovative artists Jenny Morgan and David Mramor. This show has been a definite highlight and brought us through the dreary transition from a beautiful foliage-full fall into a cold and callous winter. As the opening for the show in November was nothing less than momentous and our ceremonial dinner Civil Ware proved to be a great success it is no surprise that Civil Union: Jenny Morgan and David Mramor has topped the charts. As this post could go on for ever lauding the coupling of Jenny and David and the work they produced it would just be better if you came to the gallery and experienced this show for yourselves. We, as always, would love to have you!! Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming show on December 18th, Exposure: Michele Hinebrook and Nicki Stager, see the post below!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More-Than-Decent Exposure

Fabulous exposure? Amazing exposure? We're still working out the adjectives, but we aren't going to let that stop us. Friday, December 18th sees the opening night of Exposure: Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager.

These two brilliant young artists are both perfectly matched, which is why we had to put them together. Their unique pieces shape light and color, starting from a near-similar point, but winding up far, far away, yet still equally beautiful. You can read the full press release for all the details. Just know that the quick version is: we're so pleased to have them with us!

As many will remember, our old friend Nicki Stager has been here before, with her wildly successful solo show Synaesthesia. She'll be returning with her extremely popular cubes, all new pieces including some in an unprecedentedly large size. Our newer friend Michelle Hinebrook has been successful on our many art fair trips, and this is her first Like the Spice solo show. Her work has a sort of elusive geometry to it, some pieces reflect like a cut diamond, while others catch the eye like a fish in a net. We could not be more excited to host these two talented women in our gallery.

Be sure to come to our opening night party on Friday, December 18th starting at 6:00pm. And it's never to late to get in that RSVP for our Artist's Dinner, coming January 15th. Both Nicki and Michelle are teachers, so we're expecting to learn an awful lot!

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

Miami is done, but they're not home just yet. Marisa and the Like the Spice Mobile Unit are still out there, working their way up the interstates of America and fighting over who gets to use the backseat arm rest. If Marisa doesn't turn this thing around right now like she's threatening to do, we'll be welcoming our wandering lambs back in time for our next opening. But more on that in a bit. Right now, let's take a quick look at the excitement that was Miami 2009! From the very beginning!

Okay, well, the first leg of the trip wasn't that exciting. But by the time we made it down south, man, things started getting much more fun.

All that excitement! However, even bowling and roller coasters couldn't take our team's eyes off the goal. Miami! The home of the art world for one whole weekend! When we arrived, we were ready to rule, and the city seemed ready to have us. Just look at that architecture!

...and the way cooler view!

Oh, that view.

We chose our hotel to be extra-special, because it was not only our lodgings, but also, our exhibition space. Who says Like the Spice isn't original?

This year, Like the Spice showed its work in a more intimate setting, letting everyone take their time, and offering a chance to talk about the pieces face-to-face, rather than just shouting through a crowd. It was a nice escape from the hassles of racing through a busy fair, and it was also a lot of fun. Marisa and our Miami team was constantly on hand to answer questions and make sure people enjoyed themselves. After all, they were guests in our room! We wanted everyone treated just right, so made sure to prepare a special catered dinner party on the very last night. Collectors and hangers-on alke were able to just relax and enjoy. And it was fantastic.

The food was great, the company terrific, and we think that everyone agreed, it was just like one of our Monthly Dinners back home. Ah, home. By now, we could hear it calling to us. We had to accept that, as nice as Miami is, New York is where our little gallery wants to be. So it was time to say our goodbyes to the lovely city that treated us so well, and hit the road once more.

Did you make it to Miami? Did you make it to our hotel? We hope you did, but no matter what your answer, remember tht our special NotMiami2009 exhibit is still going strong in our Brooklyn gallery's downstairs level, right up until the very second Marisa returns! Come in and take a look at pieces from Rachel Beach, Allison Edge, Dean Goelz, Eric LoPresti, Ross Racine, and more.

And then what's coming, you ask? Why, just the beautiful Exposure, featuring the work of Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager! Watch this space for more details in just a bit...

Excitement! Glamor! Miami! New York!

We've been all over the East Coast for the past week... and it shows! We've gotten some very nice press from some very nice people. Care to see? Of course you do!

Trendceteramag covered us here in New York, with a very nice review of Jenny and David's work. It includes spiffy sentences like this one:

Putting the two together, who are in many ways polar opposites, likely forced them to challenge themselves by stepping outside their boundaries. Jenny, with her precise ideas and mastery of form, and David, with his spontaneous approach and infectious personality, together result in a one unified passionate artist.

A review like that, you can't help but enjoy. Head over and check it out!

Then there was our dear friend Hrag Vartanian. He came all the way to Miami to see us, wasn't that nice? He even pretended to blog about many other exciting Miami events so no one would suspect. But don't worry, Hrag, we know you loved us best. It shows in sentences like this:

Always adventurous, Marisa chose to forge a new path away from the traditional art fair booth, and she moved her wares to a hotel suite on the South Beach strip where collectors, critics, and friends of Like the Spice could enjoy private viewings accompanied by wine and informal conversation — it was a lovely experience.

Hrag has a nice little review of the latest pieces from artist Rachel Beach as well, so be sure to take a look.

Finally, back on the homefront, we got a little shout-out from L Magazine. Great to know you stopped by, guys!

Remember, if you haven't yet seen Civil Union, you've only got one more weekend left. Make it count! Come and visit!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Viva Miami!

Like the Spice Gallery is in Miami and loving it! Stocked with pieces by our favorite artists, we are hosting private showings at our beach side resort. Although our VIP Miami Dinner is now sold out, we have a series of cocktail parties and showings scheduled throughout the week. Wanna join in on the fun? Email us for Miami events this week at or check it out at this link.

Not in Miami? We want to throw you a party too! Join Like the Spice staffers in the gallery on Friday night for a NOTMIAMI PARTY!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You Can't Spell Union Without YOU (At Least We Hope You Can't)

Did you enjoy Civilware, the latest and most delicious of all our Monthly Dinners so far? If you were here, we know you want more of that cake. As of right now, we still have a few slices left, and it's just as good now as it was then. Stop by and have another piece on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! Before we eat it all ourselves!

Even if you weren't able to make it in, we know you were here in your heart. So here's the wrap-up, just for you.

Civilware filled up so completely, we had to get out the extra long table! That made for great conversation between our guests and our artists. We were very pleased welcome some old friends, as well as meet a few new ones! We know for a fact we'll see them again. Once you dine Like the Spice style, you can't help but want to come back.

Despite the fancy glasses and delicious lobster ravioli, the atmosphere stayed rather informal all night long. It was more like a group of intimate friends than a table full of strangers. We know from experience that Jenny and David have that sort of effect on people, but it was still magical to see it happening.

Jenny and David compliment each other in real life just as well as they do on the canvas, so hearing them talk about their work, their ideas, and just plain talking about the inspiration that created a piece makes for a captivating evening. You can perhaps capture a bit of that feeling at home by checking out our very first podcast, where we feature a brief but lovely interview with the two of them. It's worth hearing them together!

These two young artists have a real passion for their field, and share between them a clear and obvious connection. By the end of the meal, it wasn't hard to understand why this show looks so wonderful.

If you couldn't make it in, remember that Civil Union runs until December 13th, so you've still got plenty of time. Jenny and David been getting lots of compliments and plenty of praise, so trust us when we tell you this one is a must see. Be sure to plan a trip to the gallery, maybe even for our NotMiami Party on December 4th?

And remember to keep an eye out for details on next month's dinner with Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager. We're still planning it now, but we'll tell you more soon. Right now, we've got to get back to that cake.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

But He Gave It His All, And We're Proud

You might have noticed that poor little Spencer is new to the world of blogging. That's why his post had no title, and no links. But even still, we're proud of him for helping us out in a crisis. Like they say in the world of chess, you've just got to lose your first hundred games as quickly as possible! Or maybe that's just what people have been telling us so we don't feel bad about always losing at chess.

Anyway, just in case you were too busy to cut and paste, we wanted to offer you a brand new link to our Like the Spice Podcast on the iTunes Store. Sign up, and let it come right to you! This time, as you're certainly aware by now, we've got a fantastic interview with Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, the artists responsible for our current show, Civil Union.

But that's not all! There's still time to reserve your place for Civilware, the very latest and potentially greatest of all our regular Monthly Dinners so far. Take a look at the previous dinners, because they've been a lot of fun, so RSVP now!

And get ready, because now that we've cleared the hurdles, we're going to be podcastin' fools. Our next one will be coming very soon, and it'll feature Nicki Stager and Michele Hinenbrook. Watch for details on their upcoming show!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Howdy folks. I'm Spencer, Like the Spice's intern, and this is my inaugural blog post.

It's official. Our gallery is now among the ranks of audio greats such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Limp Bizkit. That's right folks, Like the Spice Gallery now has an official podcast channel on iTunes. That's similar to being on a first name basis with the Pope. Simply search "Like the Spice Gallery" in the podcast section to get a listen. To hear the latest recording of our conversation with Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, head over to:

The next matter of business: you are invited to the Monthly Dinner Series: Civilware: with Jenny and David: A Night to Remember. The dinner will be held this Friday, November 20th, 2009, and will be served at 8:00 pm sharp. Based on our previous dinner experiences, this should be a night drenched in art, food, surprises, and debauchery. You will be begging for mercy and bragging to your friends, concurrently.

RSVP at:

or call us at: 718.388.5388

Here's a view from our last dinner:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Civil Union Opening: Go Chemistry!

For those who came to last night's much anticipated opening, Civil Union: Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, it was one of our most attended and exciting exhibitions to date! Spilling with guests, opening night was the perfect chemistry of portraiture, collaboration and performance. Jenny and David's pieces are masterworks on the subject of artistic partnership. Rotating canvases, each artist builds and interrupts the subject matter never quite knowing where the piece will evolve after each turn. It is an exercise in catch and release, each artist trusting the other's artistic sensibility and vision.

Friends, family, avid collectors, writers, and a few of Jenny and David's portrait models turned up to support the artists and see their newest series. "Kuan Yin" and "Mystic" were among the most popular and discussed paintings of the night. "Kuan Yin" depicting a woman with a candid stare on a teal background that blends graffiti-like markings and saturated color.

The night went on to included a performance by David as his musical alter-ego Enid Ellen. Enid combines the personae and pomp of drag with Native American mysticism- her songs resembling chants and the spooky callings of a medium channeling the unknown. Already Civil Union is turning up in the press! Check out our write-ups and hot-spot listings with Heart As Arena, L Magazine, Brooklyn Street Art, Saatchi Online, and Brooklyn The Borough, Art Buzz.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The rumors are true! Well, at least, we hope people have been spreading rumors. Because we want everyone's attention so we can tell them to start listening to the Like the Spice Podcast!

We'll be the first to admit we're still learning, but we're pretty proud of what we've done. This podcast you'll be getting a fantastic interview with Jenny Morgan and David Mramor about their upcoming show, Civil Union, opening this Friday, November 13th. Listening to them describe how they met, why they work together so well, and the way they first became and have remained friends will really get you in the mood for their opening night. P.S.: you want to be here for that too. 6:30pm - 10:00pm.

Anyway, we're trying really hard to get into the iTunes store. We even said our friends were already inside! But the bouncer just didn't believe us. So, for right now, you can hit our homemade RSS feed and download the podcast manually. Check it out! And then let us know what you thought, okay?

One Last Thing...

So we're just cleaning up the bagels and champagne after the closing brunch for Dean Goelz: The Beaded Curtain. Of course, you were here, so you know how much fun it was. But you might not have heard the very special story that Dean just happened to tell us. So we'll share it with you now!

It seems that on Halloween, Dean went to a costume party, and discovered that his cousin had spent a little extra time on the ol' costume this year...

...and that's when one knows one's arrived.

Congratulations to Dean for a fantastic solo show! And the rest of you, be here on Friday for opening night of Civil Union! But more about that in just a second...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Local Girl Makes Good

We at L the S always love it when our artists do good stuff. So we're very very pleased to mention that Nora Herting, who previously joined us as part of 2008's Flip, will be doing something wonderful this weekend!

This Friday, November 6th, from 4pm until 7pm, Nora will be on hand as part of Stand Alone Gallery's Portable Street Studio, which you can find lurking about 547 West Street (between 10th and 11th). An accomplished photographer (take a look and see!), Nora's going to be offering a free sitting to create spontaneous portraits as part of what they're calling an Interactive Community Portrait Event. We're going to try our best to be there, and we think you should try too.

Of course, Nora's been getting some good press lately. The Forth Worth Examiner has a very nice interview that's available to read online. Want a taste?

Richie Budd:
There is something gregariously pure and honest about where you leave the audience as viewers in relationship to your work. Can you talk to what it is you look for in your own photographs that make you want to share them? Or how do you decide to choose a particular photograph to display?

Nora Herting:
The criterion varies a bit depending on what I am expressing in each series of work. In each one I am communicating something a little bit different. I would like my photographs raise the viewers awareness to the nature of photography, as well as the actual subject in the photograph itself. So, in Free Sitting, a series I did about commercial portrait studios, the viewer has to think about the somewhat absurd measures that are employed when people make portraits of themselves.

It's a really nice look at the way Nora works, thinks, and creates, and it's worth the read. We're so pleased she's getting all this attention! So keep in mind: the place to be this Saturday is 547 West Street, from 4 - 7pm!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Civil Union: The Heart of Collaboration

Dean Goelz is our current exhibition, and The Beaded Curtain has been receiving rave reviews! It's open until November 8th so you've got plenty of time to come and enjoy. But can we just take a moment to wet your appetite for the future? Because there's something good coming up next...

Our next exhibition features works by Like The Spice regulars Jenny Morgan and David Mramor. It's called Civil Union, and from what we've already seen, it promises a fantastic showing of works that get to the heart of artistic collaboration. Combining photo-realistic portraiture with hybrid abstraction is no easy feat, but Jenny and David are masters of innovation.

And, of course, the hotline's already open for Civilware, our latest installment of the monthly dinner series. Jenny Morgan and David Mramor will be on hand, November 20th, at 8:00pm, and we'll toast their new show and talk with them about their unique process. You should make your reservations right now!

Remember, you've still got time to come enjoy The Beaded Curtain, but plan ahead. November's right around the corner, and this union is one you'll want to witness.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Deaner with Dean: A Memoir.

At 7:30pm last Friday at Like the Spice Gallery, Marisa, Spencer, Leia, and I paced around a table beautifully set for 22 guests. We were trying to be as patient as possible while waiting for our guests to arrive for our dinner event in honor of Dean Goelz. I say that we were trying to be patient because, in truth, it was difficult as we all knew what titillating conversation and delicious food awaited us. Dean's show, The Beaded Curtain, has been open for only two weeks and has already proven to be a huge success; based on this we anticipated the dinner to be spectacular as well. The guest-list included collectors, friends of the gallery, family members, and fellow artists who were coming to Like the Spice to view Dean Goelz's latest body of work and to enjoy the company of both art and artist while savoring a wonderful feast provided by Curioso.
By 8:00pm our guests started to arrive; each group rushing in to escape the bitter October winds and bask in the welcoming warmth of the gallery. Soon, our first floor was filled with people sipping on wine and pausing at each of Dean's pieces to enjoy a first, second, or third look. Dean was all smiles as we took our seats at the long table. By the time the first course had been brought out all introductions had been made and and everyone was interacting with an air of familiarity reminiscent of a nice and civilized family dinner. The art was beautiful, the food was scrumptious, and the company was (as anticipated) lively and entertaining.
While we munched on a fresh salad of arugula and mozzarella, fellow Like the Spice artist Jenny Morgan introduced herself and softly but excitedly discussed her upcoming show. The exhibit will open on November 13th and will be a collaboration between Jenny and David Mramor.
After we had all finished our entrees of spinach ravioli, chicken carchofino, and savory broccoli rabe, Marisa invited Dean to take the floor and open a postprandial discussion about his process, the symbolism in his individual works, and the differences between this current show and what he has created in the past. Dean stood before the table of peers, admirers, family, and friends and spoke about the details that symbolized deep feelings of loss and one's journey through these feelings that are incorporated into each piece. He mentioned how he attempted to "visualize the process of loss" in the floating figures that seem to disappear and reappear, withdrawing into the ethereal dots of pearly white or red paint. He spoke about the incorporation of birds as personal references to the people he has lost and how they manifest themselves face first from nothingness.
Unlike some of his previous works, such as his duck sculptures where most of the faces are portraits of family members, the faces in Beaded Curtain are those of strangers. In fact, Dean mentioned that one of the reasons why each piece is numbered and not given a detailed title is because each work is based on or evolved from the one that preceded it. Modestly Dean stated that to him the pieces are visually poetic enough, the words do not need to be.
Each dot in Dean Goelz's work is a record of time; each piece is time consuming but is also reminiscent of a strong notion of the building of a microcosm. There is each dot and then each individual grouping of dots, and then there is the edge of the dots that frames the mass as a whole. There is a definite passion and fluidity in these pieces that makes them mesmerizing, some of them are even explosive.
Unfortunately, like most good things, our dinner with Dean Goelz had to come to a close. We had eaten our fill and indulged in conversations that we would not have been able to participate in otherwise. There was a decided feeling of happiness and excitement amongst the guests as they gathered their coats ready to face the awaiting cold. At the table we were all equals, able to ask questions and voice opinions about art, specific and non-specific works, and their creation. It was a riveting event and we are sorry if you missed it! Keep in touch with us at Like The Spice
and make sure you do not miss our next dinner!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Poll results IN - Dean's dinner is called....

The Facebook masses have spoken, and the formerly untitled dinner for Dean Goelz's artist dinner at Like the Spice shall henceforth be known as "My DEANNER WITH DEAN"! If you haven't had a chance to come to one of our dinners, hah hah, it's too late 'cause we're full for tonight!

We'll post pictures for ya though. :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Curtains For You

What are you doing this Friday? Really? Well, you just go right ahead and cancel that, because now you're coming to Like the Spice! Because Friday, October 9th is opening night of Dean Goelz: The Beaded Curtain. Dean's been a friend of ours for a while now, so you might remember him from last year, but we've never seen anything like his current work. As always, we've got a special sneak preview for you to enjoy (and there's a few pieces we're keeping secret!) but let's give you a little taste...




Not quite delimited, more atmospheric than solid, Dean's apparitions are between two worlds, present yet translucent. And you can see them first hand on Friday night, starting at 6:30pm! We very much hope you'll be here.

(And P.S. to you hungry hungry types, now's the time to reserve your space for Dinner Goelz, our very latest delicious Monthly Dinner. Dean will be there as you enjoy a great meal surrounded by great art. Here's just a taste of previous dinners. If you've never been, come now! You can RSVP online, easy as pie.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bloggers Love Fade

Really, they do! Especially Siong Chin, who has combined his thoughts with Eric's pieces to make an excellent overview of what the show meant to him. Here's a little taste:

Conflict involves opposing parties. When there is a war between two countries, the two are involved in a conflict. They will perhaps lure their allies into the conflict, and all sides will suffer casualties. We cry for the casualties and decry the war. Do we ever cry for the battlefield? Have we ever? This sullen party hurts too…

For the full effect, with Siong's words scattered among Eric's images and a brief statement by the artist, head over to and enjoy. And then head over here and enjoy them in person! Remember, Fade runs until October 4th.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

FEED : A dinner with Eric LoPresti

Last night's dinner was intimate. Guests fresh from the cool autumn evening arrived to a table set for ten, catered by our fellow Williamsburger, Nita Nita, a bar and tapas restaurant.

While interns Ross and Spenser plated and served the steamed shrimp, apricot-glazed chicken, and hearty gouda Mac & cheese, Eric LoPresti was kind enough to take guests through the gallery, explaining both the science and the inspiration behind each work of art in FADE.

The remote landscapes in his works are, in a natural sense, marred by man-made sprawling developments. However, Eric revealed that in these industrial remnants of the cold war, he finds an inherent symbolism and aesthetic that elevates them from blights on the landscape to structures of beauty bordering on the sublime. He spoke about how vague recollections from childhood of these seemingly barren landscapes shaped his fascination and ultimately his depiction of the deserts and plains in his work.

Eric and Lisa are sort of the ultimate art couple - he's a painter (obviously) and she's a sculptor. They gave us all a peek into their lives; their concerns as artists, their reactions to each other's work, and their take on the direction that they've seen contemporary art taking during their travels to London, Denmark, and (soon) India. When asked "why do you make art?" by another guest, Lisa thought before saying "It's a compulsion. I'm compelled to create." Eric agreed, saying that there was something positive about the fact that it is so difficult to be a professional artist - only those with that same compulsion and the drive to put it to use are able to persevere.

We also talked about weddings, wallpaper, Pac Man, and Otzi the Ice Mummy, but we'll leave those elements of the conversation to your imagination.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Wanna Be Adored

After our last post, what more could we say? Nothing? Then it's a good thing that Fade is getting so much positive attention!

First up is the terribly awesome Artmostfierce, who rated us one of the Most Happenning Art Shows In NYC! We always knew we were happenning but we're glad someone else noticed. Especially someone so fierce. And we're very very thankful for the praise, so head over there and enjoy the blog!

We were also happy that Eric earned us a very special treat! Portuguese blog Minas de Ouro decided to give the world a very nice look at Eric's work... written in Portuguese! If you're not fluent, Google's pre-translated version will help you read some lovely words of praise, but if you are, you'll likely enjoy it more in the original. It's a nice thing when art goes global, so we're very happy to be noticed. Thanks, Gisela!

One thing should be very clear by now, if you haven't yet seen Fade, you need to start making plans. Maybe even dinner plans, perhaps for September 18th? Because, coincidentally, that's when we'll be having the next installment of our Monthly Dinner Series, Feed, a very special night with artist Eric LoPresti. An RSVP is required, so RSVP right here, right now. It's going to be a blast!


After we'd already published, we found this wonderful interview courtesy of Revel in New York. Covering details like Eric's hard science background and his feelings about the Brooklyn Art Scene, Revel in New York's interview is a must read for LoPresti fans. Thanks for the attention, Revel! We love you so!