Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Local Girl Makes Good

We at L the S always love it when our artists do good stuff. So we're very very pleased to mention that Nora Herting, who previously joined us as part of 2008's Flip, will be doing something wonderful this weekend!

This Friday, November 6th, from 4pm until 7pm, Nora will be on hand as part of Stand Alone Gallery's Portable Street Studio, which you can find lurking about 547 West Street (between 10th and 11th). An accomplished photographer (take a look and see!), Nora's going to be offering a free sitting to create spontaneous portraits as part of what they're calling an Interactive Community Portrait Event. We're going to try our best to be there, and we think you should try too.

Of course, Nora's been getting some good press lately. The Forth Worth Examiner has a very nice interview that's available to read online. Want a taste?

Richie Budd:
There is something gregariously pure and honest about where you leave the audience as viewers in relationship to your work. Can you talk to what it is you look for in your own photographs that make you want to share them? Or how do you decide to choose a particular photograph to display?

Nora Herting:
The criterion varies a bit depending on what I am expressing in each series of work. In each one I am communicating something a little bit different. I would like my photographs raise the viewers awareness to the nature of photography, as well as the actual subject in the photograph itself. So, in Free Sitting, a series I did about commercial portrait studios, the viewer has to think about the somewhat absurd measures that are employed when people make portraits of themselves.

It's a really nice look at the way Nora works, thinks, and creates, and it's worth the read. We're so pleased she's getting all this attention! So keep in mind: the place to be this Saturday is 547 West Street, from 4 - 7pm!

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