Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dancing the Night Away

A night with Jason Bryant and Enid Ellen...

Tribal paint, alien prose, radical (if not saucy) costume, and a song of praise for the earth mother. Could this be the description of some indigenous tradition of another country? Nope, just another night at Like the Spice. As many of you know, this past Friday night Like the Spice became the stage for some pretty incredible events...

The evening began with a cocktail party featuring an preview of Jason Bryant's newest pieces. When Jason delivered his latest works to us we were incredibly impatient to get them out of their shadow boxes and see for ourselves what had already promised to be breathtaking pieces. With unveiling the last layer of plastic from the canvas there was a slight whiff of varnish and what we saw was just so exciting. If you missed the fabulous preview please please come by soon to see Jason's pieces, they are just too great to have to wait until his Fall 2010 show to see. Patience may be a virtue but not necessarily in this case.

The event began at about six and by 8:15 it appeared that most people had warmed up (with the help of our Pernod fountain), had admired Jason's work, discussed Bennett's current show, and found a new piece in our group show that they may not have seen before. And then it was time for Enid Ellen to take the stage. Before the lights were dimmed the best description of this duo was given to me, "Enid Ellen is like a tribal Ziggy Stardust." This indeed is a perfect way to describe Enid Ellen's music, although at points it is so unique and haunting that there doesn't seem to be any way that it could be related to anything that came before it.

As far as 2nd Fridays go, this past one surely proved to be an excellent model for future events. There was a stimulating and warm feeling in the gallery with so many different people mingling and circulating through the works. If you are familiar with our blog you know that we here at Like the Spice absolutely love it when new and old friends are present and exciting discussions abound. Thank you to all of those who attended and we look forward to see you again soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough...

Of Bennett Morris, we mean...

I'm sure by now you all have guessed that we have a very hard time shutting up about Bennett Morris and his show here at Like the Spice. His work has been with us since January 22nd and it still does not fail to excite us; well Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that this excitement is contagious as Bennett Morris: Climate Untamed at Like the Spice has made it onto Trent Morse's top gallery picks of February 2010!!

All of here at LTS would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to Bennett for creating such wonderful work that creates lasting impressions which permeate throughout the Brooklyn art scene. This is Bennett's first solo show in New York and such an accomplishment should not be overlooked.

Trent begins his review with, "The start of the new decade brings a slew of new art shows to North Brooklyn in which landscape plays a central role. Here are some of our favorites." He then goes on to connect Bennett's displays of ruination with the "idealized splendor of America’s natural wonders" found in the landscape paintings of the Hudson River School. Follow the link to read the rest of the article!

Congratulations again, Bennett!