Saturday, November 14, 2009

Civil Union Opening: Go Chemistry!

For those who came to last night's much anticipated opening, Civil Union: Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, it was one of our most attended and exciting exhibitions to date! Spilling with guests, opening night was the perfect chemistry of portraiture, collaboration and performance. Jenny and David's pieces are masterworks on the subject of artistic partnership. Rotating canvases, each artist builds and interrupts the subject matter never quite knowing where the piece will evolve after each turn. It is an exercise in catch and release, each artist trusting the other's artistic sensibility and vision.

Friends, family, avid collectors, writers, and a few of Jenny and David's portrait models turned up to support the artists and see their newest series. "Kuan Yin" and "Mystic" were among the most popular and discussed paintings of the night. "Kuan Yin" depicting a woman with a candid stare on a teal background that blends graffiti-like markings and saturated color.

The night went on to included a performance by David as his musical alter-ego Enid Ellen. Enid combines the personae and pomp of drag with Native American mysticism- her songs resembling chants and the spooky callings of a medium channeling the unknown. Already Civil Union is turning up in the press! Check out our write-ups and hot-spot listings with Heart As Arena, L Magazine, Brooklyn Street Art, Saatchi Online, and Brooklyn The Borough, Art Buzz.

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