Wednesday, November 18, 2009

But He Gave It His All, And We're Proud

You might have noticed that poor little Spencer is new to the world of blogging. That's why his post had no title, and no links. But even still, we're proud of him for helping us out in a crisis. Like they say in the world of chess, you've just got to lose your first hundred games as quickly as possible! Or maybe that's just what people have been telling us so we don't feel bad about always losing at chess.

Anyway, just in case you were too busy to cut and paste, we wanted to offer you a brand new link to our Like the Spice Podcast on the iTunes Store. Sign up, and let it come right to you! This time, as you're certainly aware by now, we've got a fantastic interview with Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, the artists responsible for our current show, Civil Union.

But that's not all! There's still time to reserve your place for Civilware, the very latest and potentially greatest of all our regular Monthly Dinners so far. Take a look at the previous dinners, because they've been a lot of fun, so RSVP now!

And get ready, because now that we've cleared the hurdles, we're going to be podcastin' fools. Our next one will be coming very soon, and it'll feature Nicki Stager and Michele Hinenbrook. Watch for details on their upcoming show!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Howdy folks. I'm Spencer, Like the Spice's intern, and this is my inaugural blog post.

It's official. Our gallery is now among the ranks of audio greats such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Limp Bizkit. That's right folks, Like the Spice Gallery now has an official podcast channel on iTunes. That's similar to being on a first name basis with the Pope. Simply search "Like the Spice Gallery" in the podcast section to get a listen. To hear the latest recording of our conversation with Jenny Morgan and David Mramor, head over to:

The next matter of business: you are invited to the Monthly Dinner Series: Civilware: with Jenny and David: A Night to Remember. The dinner will be held this Friday, November 20th, 2009, and will be served at 8:00 pm sharp. Based on our previous dinner experiences, this should be a night drenched in art, food, surprises, and debauchery. You will be begging for mercy and bragging to your friends, concurrently.

RSVP at:

or call us at: 718.388.5388

Here's a view from our last dinner: