Sunday, August 3, 2008

Drawing on our experience to serve a well-sculpted meal

On August 1st at 8pm, Like the Spice fed the multitudes with Forming Bread Lines, the latest and most delicious installment of our Monthly Dinner Series. And if you didn't have those reservations, you were off to McDonalds, because we were SOLD OUT! Keep that in mind for next time.

Dinner was brought to us by Scottadito Osteria Toscana and we can't praise them enough. We also can't offer enough praise to our guests. Great company, great questions, hey, it was just great! We've enjoyed all our dinners but man, this one sure was something special.

Dinner began with our camera-shy host, Marisa Sage, discussing the concepts behind the show. She told us how it was assembled over six months of studio visits, and inspired by the way drawings and sculptures can influence and translate each other back and forth between 2d and 3d. It was great and we love her, but she wouldn't let us take any photos so let's move on.

Artist Rodger Stevens followed Marisa, sharing a little bit about the intricacies in his pieces and how most of the time, they are a bit more than meets the eye. For those not fortunate enough to have heard him talk, Rodger is very, very funny and his self-critique was more like standup comedy. This helped make it easy to understand the role of humor in his art. Rodger also pointed out how his kids had made him a stronger artist. A highlight of the night for sure!

Our pal Kathleen Vance from Frontroom Gallery was up next, telling us about her piece at the front of the gallery, which combines a drawing study of running water with the physical presence of a small semi-portable stream.

Kathleen's piece was intended to provoke discussion of how, regardless of what we might change in the environment, water always finds its way. And when you consider the way moving water shaped the planet long before we arrived, her piece becomes a much larger and exciting concept. We're always happy to have her visit.

Marc Andre Robinson closed the night, first by proposing a toast to this wonderful evening...

...and then by explaining his eye-catching piece. With Hurricane Katrina fresh in his mind, Marc's piece combines the ideas of devastation and rebirth, and the evolution of people as individuals and as masses. The connected chair sculptures are designed as a sexual being, just like they seem, and that connects well with the drawing that hangs on the wall. Marc's piece gave everyone a bit to think about and ended the night with an excellent discussion... but then, weren't they all?

Thanks to all our guests for making the whole experience the best we've had to date. So how are we gonna top it next time? We're still getting next month's dinner prepared, but save the third weekend in September. Dean Goelz will be with us and remember, the secret is to reserve your space early!

Jason Goodman, owner of 3rd Ward, showing off with Dean's work

Forming Lines runs until August 31st. If you haven't already, please stop by and take a look. And if you have, why not come again?