Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 26th 8 to 10 PM

As part of Northside Fesitval Saturday's a big day here at the gallery, as we host a full evening of music. Be here by 8pm, because we're welcome the team from Heat Retention Records and a three-band showcase of their very latest sounds. Heat Retention's 29th release is the Acid Soil LP by The Dan Peck Trio, a limited addition of 100 LP's with Screen Printed cover art and insert by Matt Minter (Wretched Worst/X Hair Police). In celebration of this release Heat Retention Records will be presenting an evening of live music at Like The Spice Gallery, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, in conjunction with L Magazine's Northside Festival. The evening will feature musicians which have had their work presented by the label. Joining the Dan Peck Trio will be Grasshopper and Drunk Decade (Michael Barker and Marc Zajack of Sharks with Wings). Come and enjoy a summer's night of music and fun.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One More Little Thing

Hey! Hey! Did you see? Good ol' Like the Spice got noticed by the The New York Observer! Not only are we "worth looking at", which is pretty cool, we also got the nod because of our regular Monthly Dinner Series events. Pretty darn cool, right? Thanks, NY Observer, for being so observant!

(PS, this is a great place to mention that, if you RSVP for Figure Ates right now, we'll tell everybody you signed up weeks ago, and it'll really make you look like you're ahead of the curve. But places are limited, and we've got a deadline! So do it right now! We'll see you Friday!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Four Times Two, We Want To Feed YOU!

Have you already reserved your place for Friday night's Figure Ates? If not, now's the time. Like all our Monthly Dinner Events, this one is RSVP only, so save your place today!

Served family style in the gallery itself, each dinner has been better than the last, and since previous dinners have sold out, we think you'll want to get in early. Among the artists joining us will be the lovely Jenny Morgan, as well as the equally lovely Reuben Negron. They're both veterans of our fast-paced dinner scene, so you can expect a fantastic time. Come and meet them before they're too good to be seen with us!

Remember, Figure Ates is on Friday, June 25th at 8:00pm. RSVP now and get ready for a fantastic conversation with the artists behind Marked, as well as an absolutely delicious dinner. We want YOU to join us!

Like Appreciative Vuvuzelas, They Buzz About Our Glory

We're entering another week for our very latest show, Marked: A Show Of Figure, and we have to say, the press has been pretty darn kind. Take a gander at Brooklyn The Borough who put us under their "Art Buzz" category. And then there's Edmund X. White who took a special interest in Jenny Morgan's Inner Island, a piece that traveled with us to Chicago and is currently a part of this fantastic figure-based show.

Remember, we've got Inner Island, two more brand new Jenny Morgans, and a whole host of other works from artists such as Chino Amobi, Alison Bickle, Brendan Lott, Reuben Negron and Robin Williams, all waiting for you to come and enjoy. Marked will be running until August 8th, so make plans to join us this week!

But we're not done! We're not done yet! Because we've got some other artists that have been getting attention of late! Our pal Ross Racine has been making the rounds again, getting some kind words from local boy Chris Hamby, as well as Texas based We Are 1976. See how wide Ross's appeal can be? Keep an eye out, guys, and maybe we'll have something to say about Ross Racine this fall.

Someone else who deserves a little love is Dean Goelz. Thankfully, he's got some! takes a very nice look at the depth of Dean's insanity skill with dot-making. We think you should take a look, and stay tuned, because we can't wait to see what Dean's going to be showing us next.

See? When we say our artists are cooler than our air conditioning, we're not kidding. Hope to see you soon!