Thursday, May 21, 2009

Like the Spice... is a little old place where... Weee can Get Togethuh-uh..

...and the blogosphere continues to rub up all on us. Of course, given what we've got, who can blame them? Check out this pulse-pounding sexiness:

And the artist ain't bad either. The ever awesome has given us a sexy little mention on their blog! Reuben Negrón is seen wearing Woot's "Suburban Blitzkrieg". Check it out here!

Reuben's exhibition "Dirty Dirty Love" opens up at Like the Spice Friday, May 9th, 6:30- 10pm.

Reuben's delicate watercolors arouse the senses and intrigue the mind. Each work captures a moment in a scene, where the intimate interactions pictured hint at a story to be woven together by the viewer.

Based on photographs the artist takes of real couples in domestic and intimate moments, Negrón's is the photorealism of Nan Goldin - only minus the eighties blank-generation angst. Negrón's works depict private moments as they really are, fraught with insecurity; yet tender, joyous, and vulnerable. Never saccharine, Negrón gives us hot little slices of true romance.

Oh, and make sure to come to "F*** Dinner" on Friday, May 29th, 2009 - a sensuous meal designed to complement Reuben's show! We can promise sinful food and wine, provocative conversation, and a spread of breathtakingly intimate art to keep you company while you dine. RSVP's are required!