Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dirty, Dirty Dinner

Last Friday, Like the Spice slipped out of its gallery garments and donned its silk stockings for a sexy little dinner party in honor of Reuben Negron: Dirty Dirty Love. Nothing's hotter than the attraction of opposites, and we were treated to a fusion-style meal catered by Brooklyn's best Chinese kitchen, M.Shanghai and the Mediterranean themed Malta. We savored a ménage à trois of juicy, bite-sized dumplings and a tasting plate of paellas, finishing with an indulgent dripping trio of chocolate fondues.

If that doesn't have you hot under the collar, remember that the entire sinful meal was served in surroundings that would have the Marquis de Sade trembling in his breeches. Negron's series of technically masterful watercolors are sexy yet sweet, piercing but tender, and were a truly thought-provoking complement to the wine and Perrier that kept us lounging, rosy and sated in the gallery, until well past our bedtimes.

"Dirty Dirty Love" is still waiting for you at Like the Spice. Even if you missed the dinner, perhaps you crave the titillation and raw physical honesty that "Dirty Dirty Love" has to offer? Don't forget - next Friday we'll be presenting a selection of utterly fascinating artifacts designed for your pleasure.