Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grill Bill

On October 20th, come enjoy the clash of cultures as Like The Spice follows up September's 100 Mile Dinner with Asian Landscapes, featuring an inspiring lecture/demonstration on the art and history of bonsai and pan-asian food from Zen Palate.

This delicious way to spend an evening will also feature Steve Robinson, Paul Whiting, Mary Mattingly and Melissa Dubbin, all three artists involved in our current show, The Variegated Landscape. Curator Eric LoPresti will also be here, talking about the concepts and decision-processes behind this show. Doors open at 7:30pm but the food will not take the stage until 8, and since food does not have an opening act you will want to be on time!

Also, and we cannot stress this enough, reservations are highly recommended. Contact us at or call 718-388-5388 to save your space.

(From the blog of Mary Mattingly)
Advanced Forestry: to represent the prosthetic collision of nature and technology. These trees are a cross between cell phone towers and natural trees. Webs of copper wire and other braided or latticed semiconductors surround these hybrids, with satellites made from maps and with variety of metal antennas.
As we know, a recent connection has been made between cell phone towers and the harming of nature, specifically, the bee population. Scientists are stating that a 25% loss in bee population in eleven countries may be due to their homing sensors conflicting with the amount of cell phone radio waves running through the air. Maps from every country suspected of bee loss due to cell phone rays were used to make satellites and bee hives on Advanced Forestry.

Beep click BEEP click beepbeepclickclick.

On Friday, October 12th, as part of the Williamsburg 2nd Friday experience, Like The Spice welcomed noted DJ Tim "Love" Lee and began our new show, The Variegated Landscape. In keeping with the theme, Tim "Love" Lee filled the gallery with a aural ocean, populating it with the squeaks and clicks of imaginary dolphins as they mingled and enjoyed the art. And speaking of the art, The Variegated Landscape will have an artist's reception on Friday, October 19th, which would be an ideal time to come and see the sculpture, paintings and drawings. The Variegated Landscape runs until November 11th.