Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's He Building In There?

The downstairs is slowly being transformed. Artist Greg Haberny keeps waving at us as he passes by the desk on his way to our basement. Cardboard? Old toys? Is that... the head from a bunny costume? We're not completely sure how Greg's new installation piece is going to end up, but we know that we're really looking forward to this Friday. And we think you should be too.

Already Greg is getting some advance press. Animal New York has taken notice of Greg's in-progress installation, saying:
Greg Haberny unfolds a story board of our national pastime – mid-recession survival – with part movie sets/part art installations, plus a load of mixed media work spanning two floors for his upcoming exhibition at Like the Spice.

and we have to admit, they're on the money. We're also pleased with the nod that came from Brooklyn Street Art and we're glad that Greg is already getting some press, even before he's finished installing!

The images in this post are examples of Greg's previous works, because the official opening of our two level show is on April 16th. However, Greg's been work hard on our downstairs area, so we want to show that off a little early! Our special pre-opening comes on Friday, April 9th, right here at Like the Spice. Clear your schedule to see this ultra-advance sneak at Greg's installation. Then head here to read a little more about Greg and the upcoming April 16th opening night!

We've already been dazzled by him. You should come be dazzled too. Join us on April 9th and see The Homeless Boys Social Club.

Roger-ing Our Artists

Have you been keeping up with our flurry of activity? Of course you have! That's why you already know all about our happy little trip to The Roger Smith Hotel. But what you might not know is that, on Saturday, April 10th, we'll be having the next installment of our Like the Spice Dinner Series on the 16th floor, surrounded by the wonderful view through the windows of the solarium, and catered by Lily's, the restaurant located inside the Roger Smith Hotel. In attendance will be artists Jason Bryant, Allison Edge, and Ross Racine, the very artists we have featured in the Roger Smith show. Opening night was an amazing amount of fun that we want you to experience for yourself!

We'd love to have you join us for this chance to meet and talk with the artists, but the dinner is filling up fast. In fact, there are only three places remaining! So go ahead and visit our online RSVP page to save your place right now. And then, take a look at our special Roger Smith preview page and see what you'll be enjoying when you join us for dinner at the Roger Smith Hotel!

Jenny Morgan at Postmasters: Total Success!

Friday, the 2nd of April, and we were there. Because when one of our artists gets to be part of a show at Postmasters, we have to at least put in an appearance. We rubbed elbows with Jerry Saltz, Marilyn Minter, practically every art blogger we've ever met in our lives, and of course, the fantastic Jenny Morgan.

As part of the group show Mirror Mirror, Jenny represented herself wonderfully. You can clearly see how well her latest pieces fit into this group portrait show, and we were very very proud that she was invited to take part in such a wonderful show. Congratulations, Jenny!

Naturally, we highly recommend that you visit Postmasters in Chelsea to check out this show, open through May 8th. But if you'd like a sneak preview of what Jenny's has in the show...

Don't forget, you can see more of Jenny's art at any time, on her Like the Spice artist webpage.

Im-pressed With Our World

We're wrapping up our current show, The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create, but there's still a little time left. If you've been procrastinating, keep in mind that Saturday's the very last day for you to safely enjoy the works of Langdon Graves, Misako Inaoka, Patrick Jacobs, Matthew Northridge, Diana Puntar, R. Justin Stewart and Jessica Stoller. We've been showing them off for a few weeks now, and you can guess, these artists have been getting some well deserved attention.

Art blog Can You Dig It paid us a visit, and said:

After having a tour of the gallery it became evident to me how Like the Spice Gallery has remained successful amidst such a difficult economic climate where many galleries have been forced to close their doors.

which made us all feel really good. We also got a shout-out from the team at L Magazine, which included these kind words:
Some, like the weirdly organic objects made from construction materials by R. Justin Stewart, are abstract and otherworldly, while others create strange figurative situations, like Jessica Stoller's absurd fairy tale ceramics or Patrick Jacobs' miniature diorama illusions. We're particularly partial to Diana Puntar's cave-like outcroppings of wooden disks and mirror balls, which make us feel like interplanetary spelunkers.

But that wasn't all. We got some attention C-monster, and Alan Lupani's Artblogny"c" put together a nice little slide show presentation showing how much he enjoyed joining us for dinner. Pretty good press, right?

So, c'mon! Why don't you join us this week and check out the show?