Friday, December 16, 2011

Curate NYC: "Layer Current" is only up for three more days!

That's right folks, this fantastic Curate NYC show, "Layer Current," is only up for a few more days here at Like the Spice Gallery and it would be a shame if you weren't able to see all of these great pieces. We all know that the holiday season is a busy one and we promise to forgive all of those who do not make it out to the gallery before "Layer Current" closes and take your names off of the naughty list but we hope that you take a look at the images below and do not hesitate if you have any questions!

Curate NYC Live Exhibition: "Layer Current" Dec. 8th-18th, 2011
Erik Sommer
"Red Lips and Ivory"
Mixed media on canvas (gessos, oils, acrylics, pastes, plasters, cement)

Wayne Adams
"ask Me No More Questions, Tell Me No More Lies"
48"x60", 2010
Acrylic on canvas

Nicholas Horman
"1000 Layers"
45"x24", 2011
Latex paint on wood

Joe Banish
"Nth Degree"
20"x16" (framed)
Edition 1 of 3
C-print, 2011

Keira Kotler
"August 9th to September 2, 2011 (I Look For Light)"
18"x18", 2011
Urethane and varnish over acrylic

Rosemary Taylor
"Untitled (On and Off)", 2011
Oil, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas and wall

Ian Hall
"Patterns of Science"
Mixed media collage, 2011

Rachel Kohn
"Beneath What We Know"
8"x8", 2011
Courtesy of Crossing Art Gallery
Watercolor, plaster, aqua resin, and wax on panel

Rachel Kohn
"Beneath What We Know 2"
8"x8", 2011
Watercolor, plaster, aqua resin, and wax on panel

Dana McClure
Curiosities Series (sold individually)
8"x10", 2011
Rice paper and screen printing
$300 ea.

Dana McClure
Pheasant Triptych No. 1
16"x20", 2011
Rice paper and screen printing

Vadis Turner
"Primrose Path Engulfed in Smoke"
Mixed Media
68"x63"x5", 2011

Lael Marshall
"Big Wig"
Oil, acrylic, thread, on various materials
117"x91", 2011

Jay Paavonpera
"Hubert St."
Machine oil, rust, household paint, spackling paste, on sheetrock
24"x24", 2011
$ 900

Christina Massey
"Business and Pleasure 9"
Oil on canvas with collared shirt and khakis
42"x42", 2011

Hannah Mishin
"Untitled X"
Paper, rubber cement

Mira Alibeck
"FBLE :: Dreams"
Latex, urethane foam, aqua resin, acrylic, and pencil
approx. 50"x27"x27", 2011

MaryKate Maher
"Blackout (alluvia)"
Resin, dirt, mirror, tree branch

Tamiko Kawata
"Secret Devourer: Final Stage"
Shredder, steel, paper
25"x26"x36", 2009
Price upon request