Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!

Though I wholeheartedly agree with the sage words in the title of this post, last night's artist dinner here at Like the Spice with guest of honor, Reuben Negron, did not quite start that way (though once you hear about the actual dessert you might end up agreeing that it should have). Even without dessert first the dinner last night was a spectacular event; fine food, an amazing show ("This House of Glass"), and wonderful company!

Despite the humidity and the torrential downpours we had lovely crew here to enjoy an intimate discussion with Reuben Negron about his most recent body of work, "This House of Glass," on view at Like the Spice through October 9th. Reuben spoke eloquently about the origins and process of each piece and I must say his technique blows me away whenever he describes it. Each subject is a volunteer, drawn to Negron's project by his desire to unravel a particular knot in their recent memory. He adopts the role of confidant and digests innumerable morsels of honesty over several weeks or months. These conversations turn into visual collaborations between Negron and his model, conceived as a collective narrative told on their terms. In person, these visual stories really do seem to come to life; the intense layering of watercolor over a graphite sketch is so expertly done that the figures' skin seems like it would be warm to the touch.
So, not only were we blown away by the work and words of Reuben, but the food certainly deserves mention as well. Our three course meal was created by the lovely and talented, Neilie Meyer, the owner and executive chef of The Starving Artist Bakery. Our taste buds were tantalized by the first course of a mixed greens salad with a pear, mushroom, and brie strudel. The second course featured home-made butternut squash ravioli (HAND ROLLED AND STUFFED) nestled perfectly under a layer of roasted garlic cream sauce. And then last, but certainly not least, was the salted caramel mousse sprinkled with chocolate-covered pretzel shards and served in its very own chocolate bowl, see above. I die.

So that was that folks, I hope that you are jealous enough to make it to our next dinner on November 4th!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall food and Reuben Negron!

Hey guys,

It's that time again! September is finally here and the weather is beautiful! What better way to celebrate the approaching fall than to join Like The Spice Gallery at our monthly artist dinner with current showing artist Rueben Negron on Friday the 23rd at 8pm. There will be fantastic company and delicious food catered by Starving Artist Bakery. The dinner will be an intimate setting at which you will get to know Negron as he will be speaking about his work, inspirations, process, and answering questions.

The menu will consist of delightful dishes like pear, mushroom, and brie strudel served on a bed of baby greens, home-made roasted butternut squash ravioli with sweet Italian sausage in a garlic cream sauce, and for dessert a salted caramel mousse in a chocolate bowl. Yum, If that doesn't get your mouth watering I don't know what will.
Tickets for this fantastic event are $45 per person. Please RESERVE spots because they are going fast!

Reuben Negron's current show This House Of Glass, showing September 9th to October 9th, has been quiet a hit. The opening was jam packed, full of people sipping absinthe and admiring the beautifully technical photo realistic watercolors on display. Negron's watercolor mastery is amazing and obvious in every piece. Most people had to have a second look because they were convinced the pieces were photographs. Pure Talent.

This House of Glass is a journey for the viewer into the private world of each subject. Negron depicts several collaged moments captured over weeks and months, creating one final intimate narrative of his nude subject living every day life in the comfort of their "glass house". The viewer is given the opportunity to view each subject in their personal environment which leads to a sense of untouchable intimacy within each piece. Watercolor as the medium of choice also adds to the delicate and intimate feel of each piece.

A personal favorite piece is entitled "Mick". The viewer gets to peek in on Mick in his living room, smoking a cigarette with a cowboy hat on in the nude. His tattoos are visible as is his waist length hair and South Park doll on the bookcase.... and you have to think to yourself, who is this guy? I want to meet him.

So come on out to Williamsburg and meet good people, eat some ravioli, and rub elbows with your fellow art admirers and, of course, artist Reuben Negron.
See you there!
Reservations Required!
Make your reservations before Wednesday, September 21st, 2011.
Dinner is Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 8pm at Like The Spice Gallery.
Reservations required!

For those of you who are interested in owning a Reuben Negron piece, there are still limited edition prints of "Tia" available for SALE. Framed editions are $480, unframed $280.

Don't forget to join us at our next opening on October 14th, 2011 sponsored by AT&T and Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday. It'll be a good time so don't miss it!