Thursday, July 1, 2010

Art Hamptons, ho!!!

Just when you thought that we couldn't possibly have the time to participate in anymore events this summer this post is here to inform you that next week we will be at the beach! Well, sort of... Next week, July 9th - 11th we will be in Bridgehampton for the ArtHamptons Fair inhabiting booth #423. Set in Sayre Park’s 5 bucolic acres in Bridgehampton, this year's fair is going to be awesome. Of the work accompanying us will be new pieces by Jason Bryant and Jessica Stoller.

We will be unveiling a new piece by Jenny Morgan as well. Fabulous works by Reuben Negron, Rachel Beach, Dean Goelz, Ross Racine, and Treasure Frey will also be up in our booth. Make a weekend getaway of it and take the Jitney or the LIRR; take in some rest and relaxation at one of the Hampton's lovely beaches and then come to the fair for a spectacular art-filled adventure. This isn't your typical fair either as there is plenty to do inside and out and about in the surrounding area of the park...

ArtHamptons returns as one of the highlights of the Hamptons summer season. Now in its 3rd successful year, ArtHamptons has established itself as one of the top new art fairs in America. Expect to see a mesmerizing display of post-war and contemporary art, presented by a renowned lineup of international galleries. It’s all assembled in a museum-like setting. There’s important art pieces for every budget and level of art collector. It’s all here for you, from paintings, works on paper and printed editions to photography, art glass, ceramics and sculpture.

Begin your visit with a little sculpture exploration; enter the grounds through Hans de van Bovenkamp’s spectacular sculpture “The Sagg Portal”, destined to be one of the most dramatic art fair entrances ever. Meander through an acre of memorable sculptures in the pastoral Sculpture Garden featuring welcoming hospitality tents. After that get a little history when you peruse a museum-like solo booth display dedicated to the Russian modernist and Hamptons Bays painter David Burliuk (1882-1967). Explore a 1950’s-70’s retrospect on legendary East Hampton painter Syd Solomon (1917-2004). See? Plenty to do so make sure to e-mail us for your complementary day pass! Hurry while we still have them! See you there...

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Esssence of the Northside

Saturday night the gallery walls were a bumpin' with the sweet sounds of creativity. Three bands - Grasshopper, Drunk Decade, and The Dan Peck Trio, were a wonderful addition to the art which has been happily living on the walls of Like the Spice and in our gallery space. The fact that no pieces fell due to the intense vibrations was a true testament to our competence when it comes to hanging work.

The evening started off with the ska inspired experimental jazz and electronic duo Grasshopper. The dynamic set responded to the energy of the crowd and left us wanting more. See here is Josh blowing hard at his trumpet answering Jesse's electronic prompts.

Next came Drunk Decade. The inspiring solo performance by Michael displayed vigorous multitasking that augmented the positive energy in the room.

The juxtaposition of new age equipment and avant-garde homemade instruments kept us on our toes. So too did the smell of burning rubber (due to the massive amps relative to the small space of our gallery), which in combination with deep vibrations best experienced sitting on the floor, served to complete a total sensory experience.

The night finished off with The Dan Peck Trio. The unorthodox use of bows on the all the instruments ranging from the bass to the drums and tuba produced really satisfying and unusual sounds. Their practiced relating and interconnectedness was really evident in their music.

All in all Saturday night was a smaller scale representation of all that Brooklyn and the Northside Festival has come to represent - a space that fosters a community of creativity and an environment where people come to actively seek an exchange and dialogue of expression. What awesomeness.

If you were here you know what I'm talking about. And if not then perhaps this might teach you to take advantage of all the creativity and coolness that is the essence of what is offered in just this one borough, and at least this weekend at Like the Spice Gallery.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Were Doing Figure Ates All Night Long!

Last night's dinner, a little thing called Figure Ates celebrated our current and very very wonderful Marked: A Show of Figure, as well the triumphant homecoming of dear sweet Europe-loving Marisa! Besides being jealous at her stories of Italy and Switzerland, Like the Spice guests had an awesome time eating Spanish food, drinking home-made sangria, and last but not least, listening to the wisdom that a few of our artists parleyed. After all, we'd been doing so much work getting ready for Saturday's Northside Festival (more on that later) that serving a 4 course meal for 25 people didn't seem so hard.

So while we wined and dined, a few of our artists (whose work is current hanging in the show) spoke with inspiring clarity and purpose on subjects ranging from the World Cup to their process and content, and their undeniable connection to the figure. While the subject of the figure connects artists Jenny Morgan, Reuben Negron, and Chino Amobi, their approaches and reasons for employing figurative imagery varies greatly.

Here's Marisa and the back of Jenny Morgan chatting with another local artist. Not including the food, the highlight of our dinners is this chance for our friends and collectors to get to meet the minds behind the art, and in this way, get a better understanding of both where they've been, and where they are headed.

That's Reuben Negron holding down the left side of the image. As you can see with a quick visit to his artist page, Reuben's really grown as an artist over the last year. It's always a pleasure having him stop in to talk about his ideas and inspirations, and we think all our guests agreed.

Here's newcomer Chino Amobi, the most recent artist to join up with Like the Spice. This was Chino's first dinner, so maybe he didn't know what to expect, but he still came ready to talk and he did a great job. We're pretty sure he had a good time too, so maybe we'll be seeing him again?

Speaking of which, maybe it's time to start planning for next time...

Did you miss out? If you did, that's a total shame. But don't worry, we're already getting the wheels in motion for next month's edition of the Monthly Dinner Series. Keep an eye on our events page for more! And remember, Marked runs until August 8th, so stop by and enjoy!

Good Things Are Happening

If you've been keeping up with our calendar, you know that the past 48 hours have been SO busy here at LtS. We hope you came out, but if not, you'll be seeing our digital recap soon. But first, please let us take a moment to brag about our artists!

Over on the other coast, our pal Ross Racine is part of a group show known as Environments at Cain Schulte Contemporary. We hope that, if you're in the area, you'll stop by and see his work! Also Ross fans should continue to keep an eye on us, because we're expecting to have something to say about some brand new work in the autumn...

Meanwhile, artist Jenny Morgan continues to become the darling of cyberspace. This time the chain begins with We ♥ It being moved to speechlessness by one of Jenny's self-portraits they found at Look In Art, who cross links back to the interview at Variations In Northern Degradations from earlier this year. After you see all these lovely images, remember, Jenny's got work right here in the gallery as part of Marked, and we think you should come in and see that work in person. And don't forget our other artists as well!

At Like the Spice, we love it when our friends become successful! So take that, Morrissey. Nyah.