Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Didn't Forget! We Didn't Forget!

It's just that we've been so busy lately, what with all the work we've been doing at the Affordable Art Fair (which, incidentally runs until Sunday) that we haven't had time to recap Stone Soup, the wonderful dinner featuring artist Greg Haberny, the man behind our current show, The Homeless Boys Social Club. It was a sold out event, and even though we hated to do it, we were actually turning people away.

Of course, some of that was because we got the nod from Time Out, but mostly everyone was there to see Greg. And we gotta say, Greg makes for a great reason. He's been working so hard on this show, with new pieces turning up every day, but we were still amazed he took the time to created a special flag, brand new for the dinner, just for our guests to enjoy.

In keeping with the style of Greg's work, we broke out the checkered tablecloths and had ourselves a little BBQ. Fette Sau and Fatty Q provided the meat and fixins, and judging from what we saw on our guest's faces, they both got everything just right. All our guests seemed clever and happy and ready to talk. Nothing creates good fun like good food.

As you can see, here's Marisa, introducing the man of the hour. Doesn't Greg look shy in this picture? You wouldn't think he had so much to say, about art, his life, his decisions and technique and... well, everything! If you were there, you understand. If you weren't, you can get a taste of what Greg is like by hitting up our Like the Spice podcast on the iTunes store. This month we've got an interview with Greg about the show, and we think everybody will be interested. Sign up and get them coming right to ya.

If you missed out on this great, great dinner, we're so sorry. One day, when our gallery is the size of a city block, we'll be able to let everybody in. But for now, you just have to remember: get in early for the next one! And speaking of the next one, it's a good time to warn you to get ready for June, because that's when the next installment of our Monthly Dinner Series lands. Also keep in mind that The Homeless Boys Social Club will be open until June 6th, so there's plenty of time to come and enjoy the work of Greg Haberny.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tired... But Happy!

See that? Who could that be? Why, it's Manish Vora of, taking a break at the AAF to get his shoes shined by artist Greg Haberny! What more could you ask from opening night?

With Greg in one booth, and LtS in the other, you can be sure that there's plenty of great art happening each day this weekend. Even after day one, we've made some great new friends and kissed a few of our pieces goodbye. And all the excitement! The traffic! The way we forgot to take pictures because we were so exhausted from excitement and traffic!

But don't you worry, because we ran into our new pal Rafael Fuchs from Rafael Fuchs Art Photography and he shot a bunch of pictures. We're thinking you'll find them here on his blog once he sorts them all out. Rafael was a really great guy and we expect to see him again, so watch this space, and we'll remind you when they're up!

In the meantime, want a little sneak peek of the booth? Here's a brand new Rachel Beach we're proud to have on display. It's called "Strange Loop" and we bet you can just imagine what that's gonna look like in person...

...but why just imagine? Why not come in and check it out? Also, don't forget, we've got different work every day, including Chino Amobi, Rachel Beach, Allison Edge, Treasure Frey, Dean Goelz, Eric LoPresti, Jenny Morgan, David Mramor, Bennett Morris, Reuben Negron, Leah Oates, Nicki Stager and Jessica Stoller, and that means you'll never see the same booth twice. Plus the I Heart Brooklyn Party is happening on Thursday night, so you know Thursday's gonna be a wonderful time. Stop in, enjoy the excitement, say hi to Greg Haberny, and check out some Affordable Art!