Saturday, October 6, 2007

Williamsburg Every Second, October 12th 2007, 6:30-10:00pm: Like the Spice presents Tim "Love" Lee and The Variegated Landscape

Like the Spice presents The Variegated Landscape and Tim "Love" Lee

Like to Spice plays host to the musical madness of Tim "Love" Lee and a preview of our newest exhibition The Variegated Landscape opening officially next Friday. Currently residing in New York City, Tummy Touch Records and Boy Scout Records head honcho, artist and international DJ extrordinaire Tim "Love" Lee released his latest studio album this past July. "Against Nature" is an inspired blend of cinematic soundscapes and idiosyncratic soul. Sit back and let your headphones take you on a psychadela-sonic journey. Tim will play a selection of new compositions, hits from "Against Nature" and whatever else he feels at the moment from 8:30-10:30 at LTS.

Within our lifetime, our understanding of the relationship of people to the environment has changed dramatically. The Variegated Landscape, curated by Eric LoPresti, showcases six contemporary artists: Paul Whiting, Peter Rostovsky, Steve Robinson, Mary Mattingly, and collaborative artist pair Melissa Dubbin & Aaron Davidson. While each artist in The Variegated Landscape is unique, together their works constitute a reflection on the contemporary landscape, a place where history, nature, architecture and technology are fused.

While each artist in The Variegated Landscape is unique, together their works constitute a reflection on the contemporary landscape, a place in which history, nature, architecture and technology are fused.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

One Great Event! post pics from the spectacularly successful 100 mile dinner.

On Friday the 28th Like the Spice hosted an amazing dinner, the first in a monthly series of dinners featuring inventive delicious food and talks by artists. This premiere dinner focused on issues of sustainability and climate change, issues explored in the current show, Anna Druzcz: Endemic Constructions.

Artist Eve Mosher gave a talk about her highwaterline project which marks the places in and around New York City likely to become unlivable in the near future because of climate change related flooding.

The food, catered by Urban Spring, was produced as close as possible to the gallery, most within 100 miles, making it low emissions and it was all farmed by small organic farms.

The combination of food, thought and art was very successful. The sold out event was a fun chance to meet interesting people in a relaxed setting with amazing thoughtful food. Watch out for the next installment of this monthly dinner coming to Like the Spice later this month.

House Of Malcontents Lecture Thursday October 4th at Like the Spice

House Of Malcontent

House of Malcontent is a Brooklyn-based art collective finding its inspiration in the possibilities of transforming mundane, everyday spaces in New York, and seeing what happens next. Due to the guerilla, non-permit-seeking nature of their work, it is uncertain how long the installations will remain intact, and how bystanders will receive them. The city of New York is as much a collaborator in their projects as the individual artists are.

The first project by House of Malcontents was the guerilla subway-redecorating scheme “No Train Like Home”, which took place on a single car of the F train in April. H.O.M. temporarily replicated a living room, inviting all who stepped into the car to feel more at home on their way to work, school, or wherever they were headed. Welcome mats affixed to the floor in front of each door greeted early-morning commuters. Curtains adorned the windows, flowers covered the overhead bars, and magazines were distributed for reading pleasure. “Family portraits” and images of bookshelves temporarily replaced subway ads.

H.O.M. followed that up with "Curiouser and Curiouser: Curiosities and a High Art Tea" in mid-July. “Curiouser and Curiouser was an Alice in Wonderland-themed guerilla tea party and art exhibition held in Central Park, along with games of croquet, refreshments, and musical guests on accordion, ukulele, and harp.

House of Malcontents plan to present a lecture, rather than a performance, but who knows? Come visit Like The Spice on October 4th at 7:30pm and enjoy.