Friday, October 29, 2010

Under the Blacklight: Chino Amobi's "Day-Glo Brooklyn"

It has been a very busy and exciting week for all of us here at Like the Spice; it started with the finalizing of our Miami plans (SCOOOPPPEEE!!!), the building enthusiasm for the festivities coming up on November 5th (i.e. the opening of our first LTS assistants' show, as well as Chino Amobi's musical performance), and then the week was definitely punctuated by this: Chino Amobi's "Pregnancy Pact" was reviewed by art critic Ben Davis in this week's Village Voice! Mr. Davis writes of Chino's work:

Chino Amobi, currently offering a batch of candy-colored paintings at Williamsburg's Like the Spice Gallery, is one of those info-era artists whose works suggest a kind of Web-surfing aesthetic. Not just his art, though—his creative practice, too...Amobi isn't just riding the tide, but also looking to carve out space for a self, to hold onto a personal world in an overwhelming digital universe...

It is a distinct honor and pleasure to see one of our artists in The Village Voice, it is a publication synonymous with New York City and for the gallery to receive a mention is definitely something we'll be celebrating on the 5th!

And if that wasn't just the icing on the cake, we were also put on the Gallery Shortlist of Joann Kims' favorite galleries in Greenpoint and Williamsburg featured on the blog Brooklyn Based. They mention our monthly dinner series as well as our great variety of works. Also brought to our attention was the blog Art Ravels that does an excellent job "unwinding" arts and culture. Art Ravels features the works of Pregnancy Pact and lauds Chino's disco colors and overlaying of influences. Happy weekend reading!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monthly Dinner with Chino Amobi feeds eye, mind, and stomach

Last Friday saw the latest installment of our fabulous dinner series, this one featuring the work, words, and neon head-ware of Chino Amobi. We were joined by our best friends and finest supporters as we started off the evening with cocktails and introductions and then sat down to the delectable creations of Gite Catering. These three sisters put on quite a spread, including a lovely pumpkin cheesecake.

Chino spoke of his ambitions and inspirations and answered the questions of his new admirers, some of the coolest collectors, writers, and artists in the city, or anywhere for that matter. Chino explained the disconnected fantasy world in his images as like the social world created by kids and their cell phones as they build an intimacy removed from the reality outside. It's their rouge individuality he depicts in his vibrant works.

Come on by for more Chino on November 5th as he performs music and then some under his pseudonym Diamond Black Hearted Boy. His musical guests will include Follower, Ghetto Caviar, and Devin Kkenny. On top of that, or rather underneath it, there will be a Like the Spice intern show featuring Anthony Michael Rom, Nicole Demby, Roxanne Yamin, and Jesse Ricke. The evening promises a show to alter your perception.