Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fair And Fair Alike

Loyal LtS lovers will know that one thing we simply don't do... is stop. But this Spring, oy vey! Can you believe we're doing TWO art fairs, back to back? We really need your moral support on this one, so let's tell you when and where you can come and give us good cheer.

First of all, we're going to Chicago! This weekend we'll pack up the van and race to the Windy City to attend the Next Art Fair at the Merchandise Mart (click here for directions). Our artists will include Rachel Beach, Greg Haberny, Jenny Morgan, Leah Oates and Nicki Stager. PS: Click on the image below for a sneak peek...

Since those are just a few of the pieces we're taking with us, we hope you'll come to see the rest in person! Like the Spice will be in Booth 8066, and the show will be open to the public from April 30th until May 3rd. You can check out the schedule on the Next Art Fair page. Will you be there? If so, drop us a line, because we've got VIP tickets and we're ready to share!

Now, you'd think a whirlwind trip to Chicago would wipe us out... and you'd probably be right. But nevertheless, come May 6th, we'll be right there at the Affordable Art Fair, showing off all sorts of pieces. Want to see some examples?

Of course, we've got things that we aren't showing you just yet. But in those images, you've got a good idea what it looks like to combine the works of Chino Amobi, Rachel Beach, Allison Edge, Treasure Frey, Dean Goelz, Eric LoPresti, Jenny Morgan, David Mramor, Bennett Morris, Reuben Negron, Leah Oates, Nicki Stager and Jessica Stoller. Plus we'll be sponsoring artist Greg Haberny in a very special, very original artist's booth that you won't EVEN believe. And keep in mind, we'll be adding art every day, so there may even be a few surprises, including the always-beautiful work of Allie Rex! From Thursday, May 6th until Sunday, May 9th, we'll be open to all in Booth BKLYN-100, and, yes, we've got VIP Preview and regular ol' day passes for all of our collectors and friends. Just drop us a line while supplies last, and we'll see if we can hook you up.

Plus don't forget, The Homeless Boys Social Club continues until June 6th, right here at the gallery. Remember, until the second we drop dead from exhaustion, we're ready to show you some art!

Everyone Loves The Homeless Boys

Everybody knows that Greg Haberny's Homeless Boys Social Club has currently got us swelling with pride. But just in case you DON'T know, we just wanted to mention that we've extended the show to June 6th, which means you've got NO excuse for skipping out. What? You need more incentive? Okay, well, then, take a look at all these favorable reviews.

First up, and we mentioned this before, we got the nod from AnimalNewYork, which made us very happy. And we were just as happy with being seen on ArtCat. All those internet beasts are paying attention to us at last!

We also got some notice from Brooklyn The Borough (do you think it's a coincidence that they listed us first?) and we were a featured opening on NYArtBeat. Thanks so much for the attention, everybody! We're so happy to be noticed.

And speaking of notice, look who just got listened on Time Out's Feed Blog! Like we said before, this Friday's dinner with Greg Haberny's gonna be really, really big. So stop stalling, because you're almost out of time for you to RSVP. We'll be serving here in the gallery, and featuring some delicious BBQ from Fette Sau and Fatty Cue. Competition is such a harsh term, so let's just call it a delicious cooperation in which our dinner guests will vote to decide which restaurant wins a small piece from our current show, The Homeless Boys Social Club. And remember, Greg himself will be telling us all about his work and life. We're close to full right now, so RSVP ASAP!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Of Us Are Better Than One Of Us

And how can we be "all of us" without you? After all, you have that one special ingredient we need to make Stone Soup, which not coincidentally is the name of our very next installment of the Monthly Dinner Series, happening this Friday, April 23rd.

Of course, we'll be featuring Greg Haberny, the artist behind our current (and if we do say so ourselves, fantastic) show The Homeless Boys Social Club. Greg's an artist who's steeped in good stories, and it's easy to get lost in them. We're thinking this is a dinner you don't want to miss... especially since places are already filling up!

The meal itself? What's more traditional than a good ol'fashioned BBQ? We've got Fett Sau on board with an exciting menu, but who knows? Maybe in just a few days we'll have an additional surprise guest chef on the side!

As long-time readers need not be reminded, our previous dinners have been tremendous. Served family-style in the gallery itself, our Monthly Dinners offer a night of great food, great art, and great conversation. But the remaining spaces are highly limited, so we urge you to RSVP now! Because if you're not here on Friday, April 23rd... something's going to be missing!

All We Can Say Is WOW

Seriously. WOW. Both in heavy traffic and outstanding sales, opening night of Greg Haberny's Homeless Boys Social Club has performed beyond our WILDEST dreams.

That photo above was taken just before we started, and boy, are we glad we chose to do it then. Because look at the place just a few hours later...

Despite the rain, traffic was HUGE throughout the night, with familiar friends and brand new visitors alike coming to see Greg's two level show. The party kept shifting from upstairs to downstairs and back again, and we were all in motion... even Greg! If you weren't able to catch him unoccupied and talk to him in person, keep an eye out for our podcast interview to appear later this week, because he's quite an interesting guy.

Greg's just coming off a successful appearance at the Philips de Pury auction house, so it's no surprise how well he's performing here. It's exciting to know so many pieces are already destined for good homes, and just as exciting to see all the ones still waiting to be discovered. All night long, we kept hearing "That's amazing!" and "Tell me more about that piece." and we went home tired, but happy. Can you believe we'll be doing this every day until June 6th? That's right, pay no attention to our press release, because we're so in love that we've extended the show!

Greg has also been getting some love from the Like the Spice artists. Below you can see how we caught dear sweet Rachel Beach enjoying the fun.

Greg's got a director's heart, so he approaches his installations in a rather cinematic way, adding music and controlling the light and available pathways for travel. We expect this is why everyone ended up downstairs, talking about everything under the sun. Hip Hop? Politics? Volcanoes? Art Fairs? And that was just our little corner!

There's so much work, we can't possibly cover it all. We'll be doing our best to adding the images to Greg's special preview page as fast as we can, but we think the best way to view the work is to see it is in person! So take advantage of the improving weather and stop in to see The Homeless Boys Social Club. We are certain you will be impressed.