Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sutured Dinner

This past Friday, February 24th, Like the Spice Gallery had our monthly Artist Dinner. Catered by The Starving Artist Bakery, we enjoyed a phenomenal meal and great conversations with Joseph Heidecker, Robert Raphael, Vadis Turner, Richard Saja, and Zoe Sheehan Saldana, all of whom discuss the specific works on display in our February show, Sutured. The intimate meal had Saldana discussing the weaving practice she employed in her work "TEKLA", a piece that she later 'shop dropped' back onto the shelves of IKEA. Heidecker shared the different processes he uses when choosing which pieces he decides to work with. Raphael told us about his destructive yet contained ceramic process he created to produce 'Vertical Garden' and 'Folly.'

Sutured has had a great run, as we prepare for Arts Not Fair which opens the weekend of Armory March 9th - March 11th. Come back on March 9th as we turn Like the Spice Gallery into Arts Not Fair, our personal take on art fairs, with original work from Like the Spice artists Chino Amobi, Brian LaRossa, Allie Rex, Nicki Stager, Eric LoPresti, Jenny Morgan, Reuben Negron, Hans + Gieves, Matt Stone, and new comers Kim Holleman, Sylva Dean and Me, and more.