Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Explosion from Maine!

Hello our super-handsome slash super-beautiful friends! Hope you were able to catch Bennett Morris last night. We at Like the Spice had the pleasure to host his first solo show in New York, Bennett Morris: Climate Untamed. We packed the house with friends and visitors of Like the Spice Gallery.

Artists and friends of Skowhegan also appeared to support Bennett in conjunction with the curated Skowhegan Alumni Exhibition that opened at the 92Y:Tribeca this past week. (Up until March 7th!).

Bennett's work is a spectacle built on both beauty and dread. He creates worlds through dioramas that audiences both want to see and would be terrified to actually experience. His ethereal colors envelope and illuminate these exploding and corroded structures to creating a stunning image.

Everyone was asking questions about Bennett's process and how he has been able to achieve the amazing catastrophic and painterly effects in his work. Find out for yourself and join us for our monthly artist Dinner Series this time with Bennett Morris! RSVP for Climate of Hunger on Feb 5th and catch Bennett before he starts his arduous walk back to Maine. For those who missed the opening, swing by the gallery and check out his work which will be on display until Feb 14th.