Friday, May 14, 2010

Lots Of Good Press!

As you loyal readers know, we're thrilled with how much fun we had at the NEXT Art Fair. But now we can be equally thrilled at how much fun other people had with us! We had a very nice nod from ArtNet, who stopped by our booth and seemed very taken with the work of Jenny Morgan, as well as the general feel of our gallery space. Thanks for visiting, ArtNet! We're so glad you enjoyed us!

Of course, Jenny's been getting lots of press lately. You already saw our previous post from Sunday mentioning her Art Ltd Cover Story. But did you know she's becoming a darling of the blog circuit? We found her getting some attention from Wicked Wink and Proteus, both of whom clearly find her work as irresistible as we do. Isn't it great to see an artist getting so much attention?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Her Mom Must Be So Proud

So we seem to talk a lot about Jenny Morgan lately, don't we? Maybe that's because everyone is noticing what we've known all along... she's great! And keep in mind that we've got some of Jenny's latest pieces along with us that the Affordable Art Fair, running until 5pm today. It's a great thing to enjoy with Mom, or even just on your own. And as you already know our booth also features work from Chino Amobi, Rachel Beach, Allison Edge, Treasure Frey, Dean Goelz, Eric LoPresti, Jenny Morgan, David Mramor, Bennett Morris, Reuben Negron, Leah Oates, Nicki Stager and Jessica Stoller.

This post, however, is all about the wonderful Ms. Morgan. And that's because, firstly, she's been given a very nice image recap on art blog Sweet Station, and secondly, she's just made the cover of the May/June issue of Art. Ltd Magazine. Art Ltd also has a very nice profile piece inside, and we recommend it to all of Jenny's fans and collectors. Run and find your issue as soon as you can! But first, stop in to the AAF and take one more look at the lovely "Inner Island", as seen above. She's about to explode, and don't you want to say you knew about her before she was famous?