Monday, October 13, 2008

Hungry for Light Fare?

So, we're still in recovery from the Artlog Collect Williamsburg Tour (see below to get a sense of the madness), but that doesn't mean we're taking it slow. Our awesome monthly artist's dinner is coming up on Friday, October 17th. Chef Cristoph Frasolet of Rose Live Music has created a gorgeous meal to complement Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia. Want a sneak peek? Look how delicious:

Nicole's going to give a special talk over dinner and Pernod Absinthe. Make your reservations ASAP - as you can see from our Fowel Play post below, our dinners fill up, and fast!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It Tasted Like Smiling! Nicole Stager's Opening Night

Friday, October 10th? Our senses were overwhelmed! Partly because it was opening night for the marvelous Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia, partly because we welcomed PhilipsArtExpert and ArtLog with WGA 2nd Friday on the Collect Williamsburg Event, and partly because the work was so good! And we were happy we got noticed by the NY Culture Examiner!

Before we start don't forget about the Artist's Dinner on October 17th! But more about that in a bit. Now you're hungry for some photos, right?

Even on the sidewalk, it was a big, big night. Good thing so many of the neighbors were attending.

We were overwhelmed by our positive crowd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the work. And with good reason, we think!

Here's Jonathan Greene of Greene Contemporary Art. We're not sure what he's saying, but maybe he's talking about how he curated the fantastic new show Draw Me A River, now on display. We were very pleased he stopped in.

A little further in was Nicole Stager herself. She had plenty of well-wishers. And rightly so! Conversation kept her busy all evening long.

We tried to photograph the work, but everyone was looking at it! Thankfully, we've got a small internet preview right here. Take a peek, but remember, it's more impressive in person. Be sure to visit.

Here's our lovely new assistant Leia in a moment of reflection, guarding the rear of the gallery. She got those bios printed just in time!

Think that's it? Not quite. The art wasn't just inside.

Graffiti artist Ellis G. was doing a little chalk work outside the gallery. He traced the shadows on the sidewalk, and we were very pleased. Our flash scared them away, but trust us, his work was perfect. We're leaving them out front until they erode naturally. Come quick!

Hey, who's that in the white pants? Why, it's Liz Brown, who'll be showing her work at our next show! Keep an eye out for details!

Speaking of details, remember that dinner we mentioned? Make your reservations for Light Fare on Friday, November 17. Enjoy a delicious dinner with Nicole, right here in the gallery. This month we'll be treated to cuisine from Rose Live Music, (including a special Synaesthcaesar Salad). We usually fill up fast, so save a place now. Just look at how much fun the previous dinner guests had!

Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia runs through November 9th.