Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Cutting Edge (Until She Dropped Her Knife)

That's right, this weekend was another absolutely delightful installment of our Monthly Dinner Series. This time we welcomed Allison Edge, the artist behind our current show, Crystal Days, now open through May 17th. Allison's an absolute joy to be around, so naturally, she attracted a few of our favorite people.

Here's our good friend Mandy having a wonderful time with artist Jenny Morgan. If you look closely you can see Allison preparing herself in the background. She had a lot to talk about!

It wasn't just all about making artist Rachel Beach laugh. Allison has been making art for a long time, so she's learned plenty. We got to hear all about her early work in college, her time as an assistant to Jeff Koons, and how and why her life moved from kittens to rock stars. She even brought a slide of something she did in third grade, and everyone was delighted! Just be aware that If you want that particular piece, you might have to bid against her mom.

While all this was going on, dinner was served. The carnivores loved the steak, the herbavores loved the stuffed peppers, and the dessertivores went crazy over the berry tart. Jenny let us take a picture of her tart, but made us promise not to get in the way of the fork.

After the meal, we got to hear about the upcoming India Street Mural Project. Designed as a way to mix community and art, the project is an effort to create a series of murals around India Street here in Brooklyn. You can view the submission pdf on Council Member David Yassky's site and donations are welcome. Help the world get a little more art, won't you?

Even though we caught Mandy refusing to pay attention, Eating On The Edge was a complete success. And our previous Monthly Dinners have been just as fantastic. Plan now for our next one, coming next month, with the fantastic Reuben Negron. You won't want to miss it!