Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eric LoPresti News!

This year Eric LoPresti's art is all over the country. May you be on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, You'll be able to have a little LoPresti in your life. Check out these shows, and be sure to post picks of your favorite LoPresti works on Like the Spice's Facebook page!

Forced Collaboration / Two-Person Show curated by Jacob Rhodes
Opening Thursday Oct 4, 6-8pm
The artists are strangers to each other; selected by Field Projects to exchange a finished work and to re-create that work by forcing themselves on it in any way they please. No preconceptions stain their attempts; no obligations of friendship or acquaintance constrain what they can or cannot do. Eric has given the artist a painting, they’ve given him a big colorful sculpture. Strangers in the night, they'll be collaborating, augmenting, reworking, cutting... maiming? destroying? or – just possibly – synthesizing into something new and unexpected.

Field Projects (Chelsea, NYC)
526 W 26th Street, #807
NY, NY  10001

Then In Washington State…
Particles on the Wall Group Exhibition
Opening Thursday Sept 27, 6pm
Museum of Culture & Environment at Central Washington University
Particles on the Wall (POTW) is an interdisciplinary group exhibit exploring elements of science and the nuclear age, Hanford history, their thread through our lives and their bearing on the Columbia River and natural world. The goal of the exhibit is to unite the arts and sciences to forge a more healthy and peaceful world, while exploring Hanford history and the nuclear age.

VEGAS BABY! Coming Spring 2013 for Eric:
A Solo Exhibition of Eric's new works from the Grit Series.
National Atomic Test Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution

Even more to come this year...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Last Time At 224 Roebling St.

There was no better way to say good-bye to our home for the last 6 years then with a "224" a celebratory group exhibition which allowed us to look back at the past as we look toward the future of Like the Spice Gallery!  Thank you to everyone who came out for the bittersweet occasion as we held our very last opening at 224 Roebling Street Friday, June 8th.  The group show "224" featured all new work by Jenny Morgan, Brian LaRossa, Hans + Gieves, Eric LoPresti, Dean Goelz, Matt Stone, Allison Edge, Joe Heidecker, Gieves Anderson, Jason Bryant, Allie Rex, Jessica Stoller, Treasure Frey, Chino Amobi, and Reuben NegronAs of June 22nd, 2012, Like the Spice Gallery will be leaving the constraints of 224 Roebling St. to expand into numerous locations, shows, and events throughout the United States and abroad. As we look for a new location we will continue to maintain our website, blog, and monthly newsletters that will keep all abreast of what is next to come for Like the Spice Gallery. In the works already is a tremendous group exhibition at the 92YTribecaartist studio tours in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, pop up exhibitions across the world (locations to be announced summer 2012), and various independent projects by Like the Spice Gallery artists.

 Joe Heidecker "Beaded Businessman"

Chino Amobi (left to right) "Nike Meditation™" & "Underworld™"

 Jenny Morgan "Oblivion"

 Allison Edge "Coldcave"

 Chino Amobi (top to bottom) "Achtung™" & "Pink™"

 Chino Amobi "Michaels Ascension™"

 Chino Amobi (left to right) "Beatnick™" & "Spaceape™"

 Joe Heidecker "Portrait 22"

Brian LaRossa "Superposition (Japeth Mennes)" 

Jason Bryant "Gaslight"

 Eric LoPresti (left to right) "Feather 3", "Feather 2", "Feather 1"

Gieves Anderson "Varanasi 13"

 Jessica Stoller "Untitled"

Chino Amobi "Teamwork™"

Chino Amobi (top to bottom) "Adidas Ascension™" & "Nautica Competition™"

 Hans + Gieves "Cross-Reference #5"

 Hans + Gieves "Cross-Reference #2"

 Allie Rex "Plate 11"

 Allie Rex "Plate 15"
 Allie Rex "10"

 Jenny Morgan "Battle"

 Reuben Negron "Jsun"

Treasure Frey "Cat's Cradle"

 Jenny Morgan "Witness"

Dean Goelz "Untitled (Beaded Curtain 12, Grey)"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jenny Morgan's Solo Show At Plus Gallery Is...

AMAZING, of course!!  

We are so excited about Jenny Morgan's new show "Kith and Kin" at Plus Gallery in Denver!! The fantastic show just opened on June 1st and will be up until July 14th. It features eight incredible new paintings by the fabulous Ms. Morgan, who is receiving plenty of attention in Denver for her work with an interview with Bree Davies for the Denver's Westword blog, and a feature by Ivar Zeile for Telluride Inside...Out. We are so proud of Jenny! For all of you not able to make it to Denver here is sneaky peek at the show:
In addition to this new exhibition, Jenny is also releasing her second book We are all setting suns, a compilation of her paintings featuring new essays by Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile, arts writer Nancy Hightower, and major art collector Wayne F. Yakes. There are also complete interviews with Morgan from her 2011 video profile Jenny Morgan - Self Portrait, and for the first time selected photographs taken by Morgan as source material for her paintings. The book (seen below) is available for purchase on It might be the most wonderful book to have laying around your apartment to impress all your friends;)

If you are in or around Denver please go and check out this show, you won't regret it! Also, if you are interested in available works feel free to email us with questions...


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whose booth is bangin'? Our booth is bangin'! #6-1-3 at artMRKT Holla!

It's happening people, it's really happening: artMRKT San Francisco is officially underway! The art is beautiful, the convention center is gorgeous (exposed-beam ceiling, whaaaatttttt), and Like the Spice Gallery's booth is bangin'. That's right, I said it, B-A-N-G-I-N'. Unfamiliar with this term I am using? Well, here is the definition according to the folks at (yes, they all have PhDs...In swagger):

An adjective used to describe something that is impressive, enjoyable, or just basically good. 

While originally used to describe fast, pounding music, it can now be used to describe anything.

See? Originally used to describe a type of music but now we can use it to describe ANYTHING. Can you feel the power?!? Ok, so back to the subject at hand, Like the Spice's booth is straight up bangin'. We have work by Jenny Morgan, Treasure Frey, Hans+Gieves, and Joseph Heidecker.  It's like, Beyonce bangin'. If our booth were a lady she would be all like, "bitch have you SEEN me?!" I'm serious. Check it out (or rather, CHECK IT):

And who, might you ask, is holding all of this down, like a boss? THIS GIRL:

Ladies and Gents, Marisa Sage is keeping it real at artMRKT San Francisco 2012 (please hold your applause until the end of this blog). She has traveled many a mile to present the west coast with some fantastic work and fulfill LTS' destiny to rule coast to coast. As your official satellite correspondent for this spectacular event (and with Matt Lauer as my inspiration) I have taken it upon myself to get all of the best news stories for you people and to be the first to do so. Ok, ok, so I'm not the first to report (obvi, someone else got up WAY earlier than I did on Friday morning to write this), but I still want to give you the inside scoop, especially about the V.I.P opening benefit party. I think the image below pretty much describes it:

Holy heck, Batman! The crowds! People as far as the eye can see! I for one find this image particularly exciting because it gives me a chance to use  the word 'throng,' which is something I do not often get to do. THRONGS OF PEOPLE! Look at it! So cool, don't  you just wish you had been there? I know I do. And just look at what a good time they are all having? They love it, they love art you guys! There is no way that you can look at the image below and tell me that the lady in the middle is NOT having a good time. Go ahead, just try and convince me that she's not.

Told you so. That lady is having a FANTASTIC time...In summary, the opening party was highly anticipated and there were no disappointments and Like the Spice's booth was everyone's favorite (again, ask the happy lady).

Ok, so let us review on this year's artMRKT San Francisco...

  1. Great location (check, what up Bay Area)
  2.  Fantastic boss lady running the booth (check, what up boss) 
  3.  Beautiful art (check, what up booth #613)
Welp, looks like we have all the important bases covered. Clearly, my job here is done (can I go home now?)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Mrkt:San Francisco Is Here!

Art MRKT opens tomorrow May 17th!  Marisa is currently installing in San Francisco, and we're really excited about art MRKT this year.  It will run through May 20th with hours from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, and noon to 6:00 pm on Sunday.  If you are interested in getting tickets you can email us: or go through their website.  We've brought a lot of lovely pieces by a bunch of our artists, including Jenny Morgan, Allie Rex, Joseph Heidecker, Hans + GievesTreasure Frey and Reuben Negron, that are definitely worth a peek.    

New work in San Francisco that we are super excited about include the piece above by Allie Rex, as well as other works seen below. 
"Oblivion" by Jenny Morgan
"Portrait 22" by Joseph Heidecker 
"Cross-Reference #4" by Hans + Gieves

This is going to be a really great fair so if you are in the San Francisco area be sure to stop by and check it out!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jenny Morgan Is Everywhere!

Well maybe not everywhere, but we are incredibly excited that our very own Jenny Morgan is featured in not one but two magazines at the moment!!  Both Working Class Magazine and Maker Magazine made the fantastically wise decision to feature the amazing Ms. Morgan in their fifteenth and first issues respectively. 

In Working Class Magazine's Issue XV: The Girl Issue, Ryan Michael Commins sat down with Jenny Morgan for his article "Confronting the Moment."  In it the two discuss the process Morgan goes through in creating her intimately vulnerable portraits. The Brooklyn-based quarterly mag is available online or for free at local joints like Oslo CoffeeALTER, Kill Devil Hill, and other boutiques, bookstores, and coffee shops in the neighborhood. So grab your very own copy before they're all gone!

Jenny Morgan's work is also featured in Maker Magazine's Issue #1. The magazine can be purchased through their website, which also provides a two-minute long video tour of the magazine's content set to Talamak's "Toro Y Moi" that was quite enjoyable. 

Inside the magazine is a gorgeous spread of Morgan's work, including "Practice," "Captured," and "Old Soul." 

We could not be more pumped about all this well-deserved attention of Jenny Morgan's work, so do not hesitate to check out both Working Class Magazine and Maker Magazine!! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dewey Decimal Dinner makes Melvil Dewey himself jealous!

 So, I bet you had no idea who Melvil Dewey was until you read this blog title, am I right? Well, now you know that the inventor of the prestigious Dewey Decimal System was indeed one Mr. Melvil Dewey. Now, go forth and rain some knowledge at some Brooklyn bar trivia night! Ok, ok, so that was a bit off topic, but seriously, Melvil was a really cool guy. Anyway...

So, last night was the Dewey Decimal Dinner, our much anticipated final Like the Spice Artist Dinner in our 224 Roebling Street, Williamsburg location. It was a truly lovely time. Hans + Gieves were our guests of honor and were there to speak about their collaborative show "Cross-Reference," and all about their artistic partnership that has gone one for more than a decade. The main table took up almost the entire gallery floor and everyone had a fantastic view of the gorgeous work up around them. Not only did we have class A artwork to drool over, but the food (THE FOOD!) was spectacular as well...

 Our three course meal was created by the lovely and talented Ms. Neilie Meyer, the mastermind behind The Starving Artist Bakery. We started off with a refreshing and crisp beet chopped salad with roasted walnuts, romaine lettuce, with a light lemon vinaigrette. This appe-teaser was then followed by a blue cheese and garlic confit stuffed pork tenderloin served with a potato and kale pancake, and finished with a pomegranate jus and a delicate dab of aioli. It was rad. I ate a lot of it, maybe more than I really needed to (but of course this is how you really know something is delicious).

Am I making you hungry? Basically it was all delicious, right down to the spring berry buttermilk cake that was served with tiny rubies of pomegranate seeds and a sheer sprinkling of powdered sugar. I'd like to purchase one ticket to YUM TOWN please, am I right?!

If you missed the dinner I am sorry, it was not to be missed BUT you do have a chance to redeem yourself by making sure you stop by the gallery anytime between now and May 27th to check out "Cross-Reference: Hans + Gieves," you will be glad you did. And if you really want to try and relive The Dewey Decimal Dinner just ask Marisa or Olivia to recount the courses for you, if they describe them well enough you may be able to imagine how good they all were...