Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seriously, We Don't Actually Sleep

We'd like to, but there's just so much going on! Let's discuss.

Next Friday, May 29th, at 8:00pm, we've got our next installment of the Monthly Dinner Series: F**K Dinner, featuring artist Reuben Negrón. As always, we're serving family-style in the gallery itself. And you know how great previous dinners were, right? If you don't, plan to come out and learn! Make your reservation without hesitation because we often fill up fast, and there's already a line forming. You don't want to miss the surprise we've got planned!

Then get ready, because on the night of Friday, June 5th, LtS has a brand new BFF! We're welcoming for a very special advance tasting of their upcoming white, and you'll have a chance to be among the very first palates that will enjoy a taste. Wine.woot is very excited to be joining us in Brooklyn, so we want to give them a warm welcome. Plan now so you can be here then!

Finally, have you been paying attention to 44 Berry Street, at the corner of Berry and North 11th? For those of you who haven't, get ready, because Like the Spice and are working together to present APT 44B, an art exhibit designed to show how beauty begins at home. Highlighting the traditional role of the loft in the history and romanticism of the New York art scene, Like the Spice Gallery has solicited work from local artists that pursues unexpected interpretations of the varied accoutrements of modern living. Artists have been encouraged to use the rooms, the architectural/industrial details, and the fabric of the living spaces to weave their personal statements and pieces into apartments that are currently for rent. If you've ever wondered how you could make your personal life a bit more artistic, this is the show for you. Apt 44B starts up on Thursday, June 4th and you'll love it.

And what's after that? You'd except us to answer "we sit down for a bit", but no! Rest is not part of the Like the Spice way! Instead, we'll be chasing down The Northside Festival from June 11th - June 13th. We'll have some band infomation for you later, but save those dates... for rock!

We work so hard for you, but what's the point if you're not here to enjoy it? Plan now to come and have some fun with us during these early summer days. We're looking forward to your smiling faces, because that makes it all worthwhile. And don't forget to make that dinner reservation right now!

Look At Our Opening

Did that come out wrong? All we meant was that on May 22nd, we hosted an opening night party for Reuben Negrón: Dirty Dirty Love. It was ever so wholesome. There was even a dog and a baby!

Reuben and Naomi are brand new parents. He's having a great year, isn't he? And that baby is a complete angel. Not even a peep while Reuben attempted to juggle fatherhood and career in the face of an art-loving crowd.

We were very pleased to see both old and new faces all night long. And look at all the special surprise guests!

Here's Jenny Morgan telling everyone how she always knew Reuben was going to be a star.

Dean Goelz is totally hitting on you. You know he talks about you all the time. Be sure to visit his work at the 92nd St Y in Tribeca, where he and Collette Robbins are currently on display. You won't be sorry.

The elusive-yet-happy Chadwick Whitehead stopped in for a bit as well! It's always a pleasure. We even got to catch up with Johnna MacArthur (that's her hiding in the lower right corner).

We're pretty sure everyone had a great time, from the critics-

to the brand new mommies. And if you weren't there, keep in mind that Dirty Dirty Love is on display until June 21st. And we're going to give you plenty of excuses to come visit. Keep watching, details are on the way...