Saturday, December 10, 2011

We're Baaaaaaaaaack!

Marisa and Olivia have returned from Miami and are so happy to be back home at Like the Spice! Though they had a fantastic time doing Scope during Art Basel they were certainly looking forward to the festivities of this week and next...

This past Friday was the perfect welcome back as it was the opening for the 2011 Curate NYC exhibition, "Layer Current." This beautiful show features works by Wayne Adams, Mira Alibek, Joe Banish, Ian Addison Hall, Nicholas Horman, Tamiko Kawata, Rachel Kohn, Keira Kotler, MaryKate Maher, Lael Marshall, Christina Massey, Dana McClure, Hannah Mishin, Jay Paavonpera, Erik Sommer, Rosemary Taylor, and Vadis Turner. Selected from over 1500 entries submitted by artists living or working in New York City, the exhibition showcases works built up in layers over time.

"Layering, as a strategy, takes on varying and multiple meanings and uses in each piece, some layers are there to hide or modify what's beneath, other layers combine to produce startling effects, some layers allude to geological stratifications and accumulations, others mark the slow, painstaking process of their intentional layer-by-layer creation. Colleage, decollage, collecting, accreting and composting are all in evidence," Click here to read the full press release!

This incredible show will only be up until Thursday, December 18th, so layer those sweaters up and come and visit us at Like the Spice! Or, better yet, join us for this month's artist dinner featuring many of the artists from "Layer Current." Dinner will be catered by the lovely and talented Neilie Meyer, owner and executive chef of The Starving Artist Bakery and if you have yet to taste her culinary masterpieces now is certainly the time to do it before you start filling up on all of those holiday sweets;) As always, our dinners are RSVP only, click here to get your tickets now. Doors are open at 7pm and dinner will be served promptly at 8pm, just enough time for you to choose your seat, enjoy a glass of wine, and meet our other wonderful guests. We hope to see you there!