Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pre-Xmas X-posure!

So how was your Christmas? Did you enjoy the snow? Despite the impending shutdown, Like the Spice was still open and hoppin' on Wednesday, for opening night of Exposure, the latest show from Nicki Stager and Michelle Hinebrook. Here's a quick recap!

Right when you walk in the door, you understand how lovely this show can be. There's a light from Nicki and Michelle's work that seems to come as though from nowhere. Seeing them in person really underscores just how talented these two women are.

Despite the FREEZING cold, we were pretty happy with the crowd. It was a friendly, fun atmosphere, almost totally informal, and a wonderful opportunity to just talk to the artists face to face.

There's Nicki Stager on the right, talking to some fans. When not creating their own work, Nicki and Michelle are both teachers, helping the next generation of artists. This also means they're very accessibly when you've got questions about their work. Remember, both Nicki and Michelle will be at our next Monthly Dinner, coming up on January 15th. Previous dinners have been an absolute blast, so you can be sure this one will be just as exciting. Just remember, reservations are required. Hurry and make your reservations right now!

It was so wonderful to have so many guests at our opening night, despite the terrifying threat of snow. But what if you couldn't make it? Oh, well, you know we'll always forgive YOU! Just be sure to stop in anytime between right now and January 17th. Really, Exposure is a show you're going to want to see in person.

(ps: Like the Spice will be closed on Thursday, December 31st, but we'll be open again on Saturday, January 2nd. 2010, here we come!)