Saturday, October 9, 2010

Congratulations! It's a ...

Grand success? Yes, exactly. Last night here at Like the Spice we celebrated the opening of Chino Amobi's show, "Pregnancy Pact." It was a beautiful night, not to hot and not too cold. There were plenty of new faces (straight off the Chinatown bus from Richmond even), as well as our repeat biggest fans. And even as the sun set and the night became dark, Chino's work never dimmed, in fact, it may even have become brighter against the backdrop of the attendees' excitement.

There was something here for everyone and no one left unsatisfied. From the print on Chino's button down to the slick surfaces atop his digital collage work, people couldn't get enough. In the wise words of Mr. Amobi himself, "my whole life has been leading up to this shirt." Yes, some might have chosen to employ the word 'moment' instead of 'shirt,' but in Chino's defense it was a vintage button-up "Sugar Daddy" shirt (I think we all knew what he really meant anyway, having found it in a Williamsburg vintage shop). It was a great night with amazing work made even greater by the attendance of Chino's Virginia contingency (including his wonderful mother). Thanks to one and all for attending no matter what your travel time was, we loved having you!

P.S. Also, Chino seems to be the gift that just keeps giving. When you get a second, just Google him, you'll most likely always find something new. For instance, check out this recent gem I found while cruising the world wide webs, it's fo' sho' going to be requested in t-shirt form...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fertile Opportunity! Opening of Chino Amobi's PREGNANCY PACT Going Down at Like the Spice Tonight from 6:30-9:30!

Hey all! Come join us this evening for the opening of Chino Amobi's show Pregnancy Pact! The show is an electric display of brand new mixed media work. Amobi's collages are hybrid affairs, combining cultural references from anime to the artist's Nigerian roots. These artworks pop in acid tones and are not to be missed. Mingle and have a glass with the artists, going down here at Like the Spice tonight from 6:30-9:30 PM!

We've Seen the Light! Lopresti's Show "Afterglow" Goes Up in Washington and Catches the Attention of Local Press!

Check out the article on artist Eric LoPresti in the Washington Paper the Tri-city Herald! The article coincides with LoPresti's show "Afterglow" in Richland, Washington. LoPresti grew up in Washington. His current series of diptychs juxtaposes photorealistic renderings of aerial landscapes with abstract color gradients. The article talks about his beginnings in neuroscience, a serious turning point in his artwork, and his achievements as an artist. Yay for awesome local rags that cover awesome emerging artists!

Artist Ross Racine Interviewed on Breakthrough Radio!

Last week artist Ross Racine gave an interview to the Art Uncovered program on the hip Breakthrough Radio. Racine makes his surreal aerial images of make-believe suburbs that are configured into obsessively geometric patterns and often take simple, banal shapes. In the interview he speaks about the digital process he uses to make his images as well as his inspiration. He addresses the “vocabulary” he takes from Google Earth and his obsession with the aerial view. Racine and his interviewer pontificate eloquently on subjects such as abstraction and figuration and about how the aerial views conflate the micro and the macro, alleging to be whole towns but taking on the appearance of circuit boards. They talk about Racine’s upbringing in Montreal and discourse on the American dream. The interview provides great insight into Ross’s work and is a good listen, with segments interspersed with awesome indie tunes!

Also, be sure to check out Ross’s work in Lost Horizon at ARTJAIL on 50 Eldridge St. open from October 14 - November 13!