Saturday, November 22, 2008


Oooh, shiny! Check out this sneak peek of our upcoming small works group show!

Chadwick Whitehead

Liz Brown

Ross Racine

Nicole Stager

Steven Tabbutt

Masha Ryskin

Abby Goodman

Barry Hazard

Brian LaRossa

Andrew Neyer

Allison Edge

Jon Vermilyea

Sean Flannigan

Steven Tabbutt

Mike Turzanski

Undine Brod

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Liz Brown @Like the Spice ( Written by Julian Duron)

Liz Brown @Like the Spice
Written by Julian Duron
Monday, 17 November 2008

Brooklyn hosted a bunch of openings in Williamsburg on Friday including this show at Like The Spice by Liz Brown titled OMGWTF. The show exhibited many new works by the artist revolving around a whimsical narrative set in outer space, at retro retail establishments and twisted movie sets. The work is solid and painted with a rigid edge creating a shiny like-new feeling that directly ties into the title of the show... Witty sense of sarcasm much? Anyway, get down to Like the Spice and check out this great little show before it closes December 7th.

Check out full post with loads of great images from the opening of Liz Brown:OMGWTF!! (Thanks Julian & Fecal Face, XO LTS)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Like the Spice & Nicole Stager @ MEGU

Come see Nicole Stager's work this
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008, 6:30pm to 10:00pm
in conjuction with Contaminate NYC

This is a unique opportunity to explore Nicole Stager's work at MEGU restaurant, located at 62 Thomas St, New York, NY 10013, courtesy of Like the Spice Gallery. Taking literally the meaning of photography - drawing with light - Stager makes her elegant works in the darkroom, drawing some with handheld light sources, some using found objects as three dimensional negatives.
Emotionally evocative yet inherently mysterious, Stager's work sits at the crossroads of several different artistic practices. In a process that combines the specificity of the photograph as document with the aesthetic history of abstract painting through the performative manipulation of light and color in real time, Stager induces a kind of trans-media synthesis rarely seen in work that is so simple in its beauty. Time, color, shape, and line are all uniquely presented in Stager's work.
The uncertainty about true sources allows for a work that may remind one viewer of a childhood memory, another of a song from last summer, and another of the smell of burning leaves. Are the colored circles in a given work burns? Drops of blood? Streetlamps? They could be any of the above, or none.

Art, music, images, performance, and dreams. Contaminate New York City with us. Put into play all the different art forms that you know as well as your enthusiasm. We create events, situations, and moments where we can exchange our feelings, ideals, and ideas, where we can be involved and captured by all the art types that surround us. In our events we combine visuals, sounds, scents, sensations, and flavors that generate simultaneous interactions and unexpected yet pleasant surprises. This is our philosophy, a movement that emerges from the depth of our hearts, whose purpose is not to criticize, denounce, or protest but to give space to those who choose and feel the need to express themselves through art. Because art belongs to all of us and for all of us it contaminates NYC. Let's give this word a positive meaning together.
Contaminate NYC! That is a fantastic way to penetrate and love this city where the possibilities are truly endless.


...which, naturally, means "Opening Night For Liz Brown's OMGWTF And If You Weren't There You Should Have Been!" And that's how we feel in a digital nutshell.

Friday, November 14th was opening night for our current show, OMGWTF. And it was great. If you missed it, STFU with the excuses and get here as fast as you can!

For the digital types, head over to our special Internet sneak preview and LOL in the privacy of your own browser. But we're telling you, these things so hot in person.

Keep in mind that we've got our Monthly Dinner coming up on November 21st. The artist will be in attendance, and if you've never met Liz in person, you've totally got to come. We often fill up fast, so RSVP PDQ, thx.

OMGWTF runs until December 7th. Be sure you visit. TTFN.