Monday, June 29, 2009

How our Collectors' Tour saved us from the All-Car-Rent-a-Car Blues

Dear All Car Rent a Car,

If you didn't want to go out with us, all you had to do was say so. Why did you have to ignore our phone calls, then answer only to lead us on? It hurt us when you acted like you didn't remember that you'd promised us a 15-seater passenger van. Like all your vows meant nothing to you. You seduced us with your siren song of a one-time payment of 159.99. What changed? We just can't give you what you want anymore. Don't you know that you can't put a deposit down on love?

And still we tried to love you. We took your van. Were you trying to tell us something when you almost gave it away to a church group minutes before we arrived? There are better ways to break up with someone than tricking them into returning a van all the way out in Brighton Beach with no money in our pocket and way to get home. We've had it, All Car Rent a Car. We took the un-airconditioned death box on wheels that you gave us and turned it into a motorized love-machine.

We like big butts and we cannot lie...

Our little gang of collectors and artists started off at 92Y Tribeca with a discussion by Dean Goelz and Colette Robbins. Here is Colette talking about "Spirited Away" while her audience follows.

After 92Y, we piled into the death-trap and bumped and sputtered our way across the bridge to DUMBO, where we paid Eric LoPresti a visit in his studio.

Today's Art Lesson: The Power of Primary Colors (Illustrated in Polo Shirts)

A couple of glasses of wine and a few nibbles of cheese later, we were back in the van and heading to Jenny Morgan and Peter Rostovsky's studios in Greenpoint!Then on to Rachel Beach who fed us dumplings and a heaping serving of new work. Check these babies out:

And here's Rachel herself, trying not to let on that she knows she's way more brilliant than any of us could ever hope to be.

And on and on! To Diana Puntar's. Here's one of Diana's sculptures. We were very excited to get to know her!

Finally, back to Like the Spice, where we had heroes deliciouso from Curiouso! David Mramor and Allison edge were sweet enough to come give us a little talk about their work, and who should reappear but Jenny and Colette! Our stalwart little crew of collectors had a well-earned snack and glass of wine, and stayed at LTS just long enough to catch the AMAZING double rainbow that appeared in the sky (no joke). Quite the party. And you know who WASN'T invited?

That's right, YOU, All Car Rent a Car. We wrote this letter to let you know that WE DON'T NEED YOU ANY MORE. In fact, we're seeing someone else. His name is Danny, over at AAMCAR rentals. We don't know what he looks like, but his phone voice is deep and sweet, and he's got a 17-seater waiting just for us and our next Collectors' Tour.

Best wishes,

Like the Spice