Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whose booth is bangin'? Our booth is bangin'! #6-1-3 at artMRKT Holla!

It's happening people, it's really happening: artMRKT San Francisco is officially underway! The art is beautiful, the convention center is gorgeous (exposed-beam ceiling, whaaaatttttt), and Like the Spice Gallery's booth is bangin'. That's right, I said it, B-A-N-G-I-N'. Unfamiliar with this term I am using? Well, here is the definition according to the folks at (yes, they all have PhDs...In swagger):

An adjective used to describe something that is impressive, enjoyable, or just basically good. 

While originally used to describe fast, pounding music, it can now be used to describe anything.

See? Originally used to describe a type of music but now we can use it to describe ANYTHING. Can you feel the power?!? Ok, so back to the subject at hand, Like the Spice's booth is straight up bangin'. We have work by Jenny Morgan, Treasure Frey, Hans+Gieves, and Joseph Heidecker.  It's like, Beyonce bangin'. If our booth were a lady she would be all like, "bitch have you SEEN me?!" I'm serious. Check it out (or rather, CHECK IT):

And who, might you ask, is holding all of this down, like a boss? THIS GIRL:

Ladies and Gents, Marisa Sage is keeping it real at artMRKT San Francisco 2012 (please hold your applause until the end of this blog). She has traveled many a mile to present the west coast with some fantastic work and fulfill LTS' destiny to rule coast to coast. As your official satellite correspondent for this spectacular event (and with Matt Lauer as my inspiration) I have taken it upon myself to get all of the best news stories for you people and to be the first to do so. Ok, ok, so I'm not the first to report (obvi, someone else got up WAY earlier than I did on Friday morning to write this), but I still want to give you the inside scoop, especially about the V.I.P opening benefit party. I think the image below pretty much describes it:

Holy heck, Batman! The crowds! People as far as the eye can see! I for one find this image particularly exciting because it gives me a chance to use  the word 'throng,' which is something I do not often get to do. THRONGS OF PEOPLE! Look at it! So cool, don't  you just wish you had been there? I know I do. And just look at what a good time they are all having? They love it, they love art you guys! There is no way that you can look at the image below and tell me that the lady in the middle is NOT having a good time. Go ahead, just try and convince me that she's not.

Told you so. That lady is having a FANTASTIC time...In summary, the opening party was highly anticipated and there were no disappointments and Like the Spice's booth was everyone's favorite (again, ask the happy lady).

Ok, so let us review on this year's artMRKT San Francisco...

  1. Great location (check, what up Bay Area)
  2.  Fantastic boss lady running the booth (check, what up boss) 
  3.  Beautiful art (check, what up booth #613)
Welp, looks like we have all the important bases covered. Clearly, my job here is done (can I go home now?)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Art Mrkt:San Francisco Is Here!

Art MRKT opens tomorrow May 17th!  Marisa is currently installing in San Francisco, and we're really excited about art MRKT this year.  It will run through May 20th with hours from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, and noon to 6:00 pm on Sunday.  If you are interested in getting tickets you can email us: or go through their website.  We've brought a lot of lovely pieces by a bunch of our artists, including Jenny Morgan, Allie Rex, Joseph Heidecker, Hans + GievesTreasure Frey and Reuben Negron, that are definitely worth a peek.    

New work in San Francisco that we are super excited about include the piece above by Allie Rex, as well as other works seen below. 
"Oblivion" by Jenny Morgan
"Portrait 22" by Joseph Heidecker 
"Cross-Reference #4" by Hans + Gieves

This is going to be a really great fair so if you are in the San Francisco area be sure to stop by and check it out!