Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More-Than-Decent Exposure

Fabulous exposure? Amazing exposure? We're still working out the adjectives, but we aren't going to let that stop us. Friday, December 18th sees the opening night of Exposure: Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager.

These two brilliant young artists are both perfectly matched, which is why we had to put them together. Their unique pieces shape light and color, starting from a near-similar point, but winding up far, far away, yet still equally beautiful. You can read the full press release for all the details. Just know that the quick version is: we're so pleased to have them with us!

As many will remember, our old friend Nicki Stager has been here before, with her wildly successful solo show Synaesthesia. She'll be returning with her extremely popular cubes, all new pieces including some in an unprecedentedly large size. Our newer friend Michelle Hinebrook has been successful on our many art fair trips, and this is her first Like the Spice solo show. Her work has a sort of elusive geometry to it, some pieces reflect like a cut diamond, while others catch the eye like a fish in a net. We could not be more excited to host these two talented women in our gallery.

Be sure to come to our opening night party on Friday, December 18th starting at 6:00pm. And it's never to late to get in that RSVP for our Artist's Dinner, coming January 15th. Both Nicki and Michelle are teachers, so we're expecting to learn an awful lot!

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

Miami is done, but they're not home just yet. Marisa and the Like the Spice Mobile Unit are still out there, working their way up the interstates of America and fighting over who gets to use the backseat arm rest. If Marisa doesn't turn this thing around right now like she's threatening to do, we'll be welcoming our wandering lambs back in time for our next opening. But more on that in a bit. Right now, let's take a quick look at the excitement that was Miami 2009! From the very beginning!

Okay, well, the first leg of the trip wasn't that exciting. But by the time we made it down south, man, things started getting much more fun.

All that excitement! However, even bowling and roller coasters couldn't take our team's eyes off the goal. Miami! The home of the art world for one whole weekend! When we arrived, we were ready to rule, and the city seemed ready to have us. Just look at that architecture!

...and the way cooler view!

Oh, that view.

We chose our hotel to be extra-special, because it was not only our lodgings, but also, our exhibition space. Who says Like the Spice isn't original?

This year, Like the Spice showed its work in a more intimate setting, letting everyone take their time, and offering a chance to talk about the pieces face-to-face, rather than just shouting through a crowd. It was a nice escape from the hassles of racing through a busy fair, and it was also a lot of fun. Marisa and our Miami team was constantly on hand to answer questions and make sure people enjoyed themselves. After all, they were guests in our room! We wanted everyone treated just right, so made sure to prepare a special catered dinner party on the very last night. Collectors and hangers-on alke were able to just relax and enjoy. And it was fantastic.

The food was great, the company terrific, and we think that everyone agreed, it was just like one of our Monthly Dinners back home. Ah, home. By now, we could hear it calling to us. We had to accept that, as nice as Miami is, New York is where our little gallery wants to be. So it was time to say our goodbyes to the lovely city that treated us so well, and hit the road once more.

Did you make it to Miami? Did you make it to our hotel? We hope you did, but no matter what your answer, remember tht our special NotMiami2009 exhibit is still going strong in our Brooklyn gallery's downstairs level, right up until the very second Marisa returns! Come in and take a look at pieces from Rachel Beach, Allison Edge, Dean Goelz, Eric LoPresti, Ross Racine, and more.

And then what's coming, you ask? Why, just the beautiful Exposure, featuring the work of Michelle Hinebrook and Nicki Stager! Watch this space for more details in just a bit...

Excitement! Glamor! Miami! New York!

We've been all over the East Coast for the past week... and it shows! We've gotten some very nice press from some very nice people. Care to see? Of course you do!

Trendceteramag covered us here in New York, with a very nice review of Jenny and David's work. It includes spiffy sentences like this one:

Putting the two together, who are in many ways polar opposites, likely forced them to challenge themselves by stepping outside their boundaries. Jenny, with her precise ideas and mastery of form, and David, with his spontaneous approach and infectious personality, together result in a one unified passionate artist.

A review like that, you can't help but enjoy. Head over and check it out!

Then there was our dear friend Hrag Vartanian. He came all the way to Miami to see us, wasn't that nice? He even pretended to blog about many other exciting Miami events so no one would suspect. But don't worry, Hrag, we know you loved us best. It shows in sentences like this:

Always adventurous, Marisa chose to forge a new path away from the traditional art fair booth, and she moved her wares to a hotel suite on the South Beach strip where collectors, critics, and friends of Like the Spice could enjoy private viewings accompanied by wine and informal conversation — it was a lovely experience.

Hrag has a nice little review of the latest pieces from artist Rachel Beach as well, so be sure to take a look.

Finally, back on the homefront, we got a little shout-out from L Magazine. Great to know you stopped by, guys!

Remember, if you haven't yet seen Civil Union, you've only got one more weekend left. Make it count! Come and visit!