Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nicole Stager and Collect Willimasburg at Like the Spice Gallery

This is going to be a special night as we Collect Williamsburg with and Phillips Art Expert. We have a wine tasting with Blue angle wines at 8:00pm.

Emotionally evocative yet inherently mysterious, Stager’s work sits at the crossroads of several different artistic practices. In a process that combines the specificity of the photograph as document with the aesthetic history of abstract painting through the performative manipulation of light and color in real time, Stager induces a kind of trans-media synthesis rarely seen in work that is so simple in its beauty. Time, color, shape and line are all uniquely presented in Stager’s work.
Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia
October 10th – November 9th, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday October 10th 6-10pm
Artist’s Dinner: October 17th 8pm - RSVP Required