Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bennett Morris: Climate of Hunger

Saturday was our latest installment of the Monthly Dinner Series. Got it? Great. Let's talk about dessert.

Because this chocolate pretzel pie basically stands as a symbol of exactly what we thought about Friday night's dinner. The whole night was sweet, delicious, mouth-wateringly enjoyable, and when it finally ended, we wanted a second helping. If you weren't there, you missed a chance to enjoy the -dare we say genius?- of Bennett Morris, the well-spoken artist behind our current show, Climate Untamed.

If you've ever heard Bennett speak, you know what we mean when we say he's informative without being boring. If you haven't had that pleasure, check out our very latest podcast and find out for yourself! It's just too bad that specific recording won't include the dinner guests.

That's right, our guests! As always, the company makes the meal. These Monthly Dinners are well established now, so besides the always-fantastic food (this time provided by caterer Neilie Meyer), we've got regulars and newcomers alike, all ready to hear what the guest of honor has to say. And this time, no one felt shy about sharing their ideas or criticisms, and Bennett sure was ready with the answers! By the time we made it to dessert, everyone was grinning and laughing, and we all felt like something special was happening.

This could be why, when the dinner was over, THEY DIDN'T EVER GO HOME! Seriously, the dinner just KEPT ON GOING! Even when the food was gone, Bennett and our guests still had plenty of questions, opinions, anecdotes, or general chit-chat in them. We just cleaned the plates, locked the doors, and opened a bottle of wine, because how could we tell our new friends to leave? The conversation rolled on and on... and don't think for a second we didn't participate ourselves.

We're not gonna say how long it finally lasted, we're just gonna hint that some of us might have seen the sun. We honestly think it's going to be quite some time before a dinner manages to top the exquisite Climate of Hunger... but you know what? We've been surprised before. So if you haven't joined us for a dinner in a while, or even if you have, start planning now to join us in March, because you never know when that lightning's gonna strike. Just ask any of our guests from Friday night... but not until Monday, okay? They might still be in bed.