Friday, May 15, 2009

Colette Robbins and Dean Goelz at 92YTribeca for Like the Spice Gallery

Last night, Thursday May 14, Marisa welcomed friends and colleagues to the opening of Colette Robbins and Dean Goelz new exhibit at the 92YTribeca. Colette's strikingly surreal and colorful panels and Dean's quiet but effective graphite and acrylic "dot" images impressed almost as much as the open bar, which ran dry in a matter of twenty minutes or so. Not to worry, however, because Marisa came to the rescue with reinforcement bottles. The show is slated to run until July 19 so if you missed the fun last night be sure to find time to get down to Tribeca before it is too late; the new space is absolutely beautiful.

Dean and Colette, appropriately decked out for the occasion, look thrilled about the big turnout but she's just relieved she got that last glass of wine and he's putting on a brave face until he can change back into his converse.

This enormous panel, titled "Spirited Away," by Colette was attracting plenty of attention throughout the evening.

After the opening everyone rendezvoused at Nancy Whisky's Pub for "one last drink." Remember if you are seated upstairs its Table Service ONLY!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Y? Because We... Wait, We Made That Joke Last Time

At least we know you're reading! And if you're reading, you should be planning to come and see Colette Robbins & Dean Goelz at 92nd Street Y Tribeca. Here's a little taste!

Colette Robbins describes her work thusly: When you stare at your mother and for the first time see the details of a mole you have never noticed before, you are entering the space where my work exists. This enigmatic twilight zone also occurs when you stare at something ordinary, like an acorn and are transported into a seemingly uneventful time in your childhood that carries strong psychological uncertainty and visual clarity. Whether I am observing a friend or recalling a detailed dream, I see everything through an uncanny lens. Through this lens of perverse nostalgia, I envision paintings that synthesize our cultural and personal histories full of both horror and empathy. We've been enjoying her stuff here, and we're pretty sure you will too.

Alongside our pal Colette, you'll find our pal Dean Goelz, showing off his latest exciting works.

Through representations of humanoid forms, Dean presents the viewer with his interpretations of the human condition. He highlights the play between the awkwardness and the elegance of existence. If you caught his solo show, you know how great his work can be, and if you didn't, you have a chance to see him now!

Colette and Dean will be showing at 92Y Tribeca from Thursday, May 14 until Sunday, July 19. The opening reception is May 14th from 6-8 pm. We'll see you there!

Affordable, Lovable, Wonderful...

Those are just some of the words that were used to describe good ol' Booth E-103 this weekend at the Affordable Art Fair.

For example, Art Most Fierce noticed us "spicing up the fair", while Matterful spent some major time in our booth. And let us not forget Brooklyn Based, who seemed pleased by just how affordable, arty and fair we actually were.

Thanks for the visit, everyone! We can't wait to do it again next year! Remember, our home base is open year round and we want you to come and visit! Why not plan now to join us on May 29th for the next installment of our Monthly Dinner Series with artist Reuben Negrón?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"It Takes A Lot Of Work To Be This Cheap!"

Of course, that's a quote from the wonderful Dolly Parton, but after this weekend at the Affordable Art Fair, we found we could understand her exactly. The AAF is designed to present art that's high in value but low in price, so we've taken some of our most valuable artists along for the ride. We're pretty proud of our little corner of the show. Just take a look!

Don't we have a lovely booth? You just know you've got to stop in and see it in person. Long time LtS groupies will have already noticed that we're showing some fresh new work from the incredible Jenny Morgan. We've also got two brand new watercolors from Reuben Negron that are just amazing. Consider it a preview of his upcoming show, Dirty Dirty Love, which opens May 22nd. Reuben's hot stuff and he's gonna get attention, so you should sign up for his dinner right now. You won't want to miss it, we're certain.

Our team of Lovely Assistants are on hand and waiting for you! We've even put up a few Sunday surprises that aren't reflected in these photo. The AAF is open until 5pm on Sunday night, and we're in booth E-103. Wouldn't it be a nice way to spend Mother's Day?