Saturday, October 2, 2010

This post is because I love Jenny Morgan, screen shots, and New York Magazine...

Dear Jenny Morgan, you sure are a looker! Like the Spice would like to congratulate the lovely Jenny Morgan on her work being featured in the most recent issue of New York Magazine. That's right, her latest work is all over page 124 and it's just gorgeous. The front of the issue is black and white with the words "Who Runs New York?" You know, I figured that I would give you a visual just in case you wanted to go out and buy 4 or 5 copies for yourself. Jenny was approached to do a portrait of New York socialite and fashion icon, Lauren Santo Domingo and the above image is the end result. Pretty sure Rachel Zoe would definitely find it hard not to direct an "I die!" toward this piece; it is stunning.

That's right, lower left corner of the above screen shot: "Painting by Jenny Morgan." How cool is that? Congratulations to Jenny, and to the rest of you, it's time to buy your own copy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

In the words of Tyra Banks: You wanna be on top?

Well, we
don't know about you all, but we here at Like the Spice seem to be experiencing the euphoric rush of feeling on top of the world. Curious about my Tyra Banks reference? (It's from America's Next Top Model, btw.) Curious also about the above screen capture? Might I tell you a bit about it? Well, it just so happens that Like the Spice was put on NYC Go's list of must see galleries. Great news huh? We are honored to be listed with many of the well established New York galleries that we have so admired over the years. The article describes Williamsburg as "a hotbed of hipness and home to many of the City's bands, performers and visual artists," what a cool place! They talk about our monthly dinner series and the prime location. We now are officially cool. And if the official guide to New York says that our dinners are delightful then maybe, if you haven't already taken our word for it, you should sign up for our next one featuring Chino Amobi: RSVP to "Cravings"! To read the full For Art's Sake: NYC Gallery Guide click here. Many thanks to "the official guide to New York City" for the positive acknowledgment!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Treasure Frey Sparkles at Artist's Dinner! Puns on Her Name Never Get Old!!

Though the silverware and wine glasses sparkled brightly at the latest instantiation of Like the Spice’s Artist’s Dinners, the delightful table was ultimately out-shown by artist Treasure Frey and her work. Guests started showing up around eight and were met with Frey’s colorful mixed-media pieces and a glass of Sangria. After getting to linger on each work and talk with the artist, everyone sat down and the intimate evening began in earnest.
Frey spoke eloquently about her work and her career. She discussed the evolution of her art as well as the differences between working in New York and L.A.. After the talk, everyone savored a delicious meal catered by the buzz-worthy new local restaurant Traif. The conversation flowed all throughout dinner, dessert, and last glasses of wine as guests discussed Frey’s work and art more generally. The evening was a huge success. Even the public speaking-shy Frey admitted to having a marvelous time!