Friday, September 10, 2010

Classical Greek Philosopher, or Kick Ass Sculpture Park?

Yup, we're going to have to go with "Kick Ass Sculpture Park". That's right ladies and gents, Socrates Sculpture Park is one of the coolest places in NYC and will now be even cooler because Rachel Beach has just completed her first outdoor sculpture and it will be unveiled in all of its glory at the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition opening on Sunday, September 12th. This is such a wonderful opportunity to see one of our own in the context of this GORGEOUS fall weather. Just think about it, the chance to be outside and take in an educational and aesthetically stimulating day of sculpture and the outdoors without sweating buckets? I know, it sounds amazing to me.

Now, you may or may not be familiar with Rachel Beach's sculpture
(shame on you if you are not), but they are just spectacular; situated firmly in the border between sculpture and painting, illusion and reality, masculine and feminine, representation, abstraction and decoration, her work is crafted around cultural and biological limits. By playing painted illusion against sculptural reality each sculpture/painting creates a crisis of perception, an irresolvable tension between what you see and what is possible. Now think about this on a large scale, I mean huge. I am talking about something that incorporates all of the above elements but with a type of weight and illusion never seen before in her work. Exciting, right? So go and check it out this Sunday, September 12th from 2-6 rain or shine!!

Want to learn more about the park? Socrates Sculpture Park is the only site in the New York Metropolitan area specifically dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to create and exhibit large-scale work in a unique environment that encourages strong interaction between artists, artworks and the public. The Park's existence is based on the belief that reclamation, revitalization and creative expression are essential to the survival, humanity and improvement of our urban environment.