Monday, April 11, 2011

Isn't it swell to be different?

Another second Friday gone and another successful opening achieved, and we barely even broke a sweat! Eric LoPresti's newest body of work, "Different Country," transforms the gallery into a sort of battle-zone where hazy aerial views of once decimated nuclear test sites and environmental clean up facilities collide with dark solid vectors that appear to target specific points on the canvas. I love the softer color gradients of the oil landscapes themselves juxtaposed with the sharp and probing vectors. The viewers' attention is immediately drawn to the mountains and crags and yet at the same time the gaze is redirected to follow and map out the targets and line-scapes overlaid in india ink. I almost feel like a military strategist tracing paths and drawing diagrams for possible maneuvers. Sigh, but I digress...What I mean to be focusing on is the opening itself (the works of course you will just have to come to Like the Spice and see for yourself)!
In spite of the foggy haze and the damp side walks people from all over attended the opening reception of "Different Country"; we had members of Eric's family, droves of his friends, and then all of those wonderful visitors and passerby-ers who either planned to come or just happened to see some bright lights, smiling strangers, and some really beautiful art work and decided to check it out."Different Country," Eric LoPresti's third solo show here at Like the Spice, will be up through May 8th and with all of this sunshine going around there is little excuse to not come to Williamsburg and check out some of the shops, shops, fine food, and the artwork at Like the Spice!

In other exciting (and mouthwatering) news, Pies and Thighs will be catering our "Different Cuisine" dinner on Friday, April 22nd. Eric will of course be in attendance, as should you to see the show, meet the artist, and chow down on some amazing food. Our dinners are RSVP only, click here to reserve your tickets today!