Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Civil Union: The Heart of Collaboration

Dean Goelz is our current exhibition, and The Beaded Curtain has been receiving rave reviews! It's open until November 8th so you've got plenty of time to come and enjoy. But can we just take a moment to wet your appetite for the future? Because there's something good coming up next...

Our next exhibition features works by Like The Spice regulars Jenny Morgan and David Mramor. It's called Civil Union, and from what we've already seen, it promises a fantastic showing of works that get to the heart of artistic collaboration. Combining photo-realistic portraiture with hybrid abstraction is no easy feat, but Jenny and David are masters of innovation.

And, of course, the hotline's already open for Civilware, our latest installment of the monthly dinner series. Jenny Morgan and David Mramor will be on hand, November 20th, at 8:00pm, and we'll toast their new show and talk with them about their unique process. You should make your reservations right now!

Remember, you've still got time to come enjoy The Beaded Curtain, but plan ahead. November's right around the corner, and this union is one you'll want to witness.

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