Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Night Only! Jenny Morgan Book Signing and Special Performance

After much anticipation the books are in! Jenny Morgan's beautiful new book titled "New Territory," is in the gallery and now available for purchase. A gorgeous visual anthology of Jenny's paintings in glossy hardcover, the book showcases works dating back to 2003. Produced by Plus Gallery in Denver, "New Territory" includes pieces in private collections as well as works exhibited at both Like the Spice Gallery and Plus Gallery.

To celebrate Like the Spice hosted a book signing with Jenny Morgan last night coupled with a performance by "One Show Good-bye" with Nicki Stager, Tom Firehat, James Weiss, and Ryan Blair. In a Chaplin-Esq performance the artists set forth to accomplish a simple task in the hardest way possible, haphazardly involving visitors and the entire gallery in the process. Staged with sound bites, voice-overs, and guitar accompaniment the artists installed a small piece by Nicki Stager first by measuring all possible distances, taking extensive notes, and ladder finagling that moved visitors to and fro around the gallery.

Next the performance escalated to chopping wood, rigging a pulley and rope to draw clothing through the gallery and finally getting dressed. The performers included artists Nicki Stager, Tom Firehat & James Weiss of FaceitdadPICTURES teamed with drummer/designer Ryan Bair.

Visitors to the gallery last night also had the opportunity to see our fantastic new show Exposure: Nicki Stager and Michelle Hinebrook which will be on view through January 17th. There are still seats available for our Artist Monthly Dinner Series next Friday night with Nicki and Michelle. To RSVP for please visit our website Monthly Dinner Series: Maybe Just A Tiny Bite, and join us!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Or, as I prefer to say, 'friends, New Yorkers, not gender-specific country people,' but this is a whole different thing...We here at Like the Spice hope that all had a wonderful time bidding 2009 adieu and welcoming with open arms this new decade. Sigh, isn't it wonderful to be in the early stages of a year? There is so much to look forward to and so many plans to make; with clear eyes and full hearts we cannot lose as we charge once more into the breach dear friends! As you are all penciling things into your calenders for the near future, and because it is totally acceptable to continue ringing in the New Year for at least a month, I would like to bring to your attention some wonderfully exciting up-and-coming events that Like the Spice is involved with. Ring it in, everybody!
First off, this Friday January 8th Like the Spice will be hosting a book signing party for LTS artist Jenny Morgan, as well as a group performance including one of our current solo artists Nicki Stager. Morgan's book, Jenny Morgan: New Territory, just came out last month and we are honored to have it on display and for purchase here at the gallery. The signing will be from 6:30-9pm and all are welcome! In addition Philadelphia performance artists Tom Firehat & James Weiss of FaceitdadPICTURES team up with drummer/designer Ryan Bair of Rolling Stone Magazine and photographer/gun moll Nicki Stager for an improptu site-specific collaboration at Like the Spice Gallery. According to Ruby Dimple, press agent, the central theme of the performance is doing a simple act the most difficult way possible. This is likely a "one-show goodbye" situation as Firehat was overheard saying (of Stager): "That wench doesn't even have a camera"; and when pressed, Bair called Stager a "pretender to the throne." One show, goodbye: January 8, 2010
Then watch Nicki Stager perform, speak, and eat at Maybe Just A Tiny Bite with Michelle Hinebrook her counterpart in our Monthly Dinner series Concurrent with Michelle Hinebrook & Nicki Stager: Exposure.

Also in January, our fearless leader and gallery owner Marisa Sage has joined with Grace Evans, director and partner at Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea, and Christina Ray, founder and director of Glowlab in Soho, to curate an exhibition at 92YTribeca of alumni chosen from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture’s 1999-2008 classes. Gallery exhibits at 92Y are always free and open to the public, so join us as we attend the opening reception Jan. 21st at 6pm.
Directly Following the show at the 92YTribeca on Jan. 22nd @ Like the Spice, presents the work of artist Bennett Morris.

Plucked straight off the Skowhegan registry, Mr. Morris creates his own spaces by hand, imbibing it with elements from the German Romantics and the Hudson River School, steeping it with Gothic Revival, and realizing it in a post apocalyptic photographic form.
On the 28th of January the 92YTribeca and Art21 will present a trivia event inspired by contemporary art and the culture of our time. Think that you can organize a team of five or less that would impress the likes of Alex Trebeck? Do you enjoy raining down knowledge of current art, film, music and online cultural phenomena? Then bring it on. If your friends are already frustrated with you because you win every game of Trivia Pursuit it's no problem, come solo and join a team on the spot. And for you shy folks, participation is not necessary; come and observe while you increase your knowledge of contemporary art.
Now, I know that this may seem a bit far in advance but we do not want you to miss the group show that Like the Spice will be hosting during the Armory Exhibit. This group show will feature many LTS artists and will open on February 18 and go until March 7th. Well, my friends I do believe that is all for now. We hope that you will join us for one or all of the events we have going on this month and next, it may be the best way to kick off this new year.