Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Things Are Happening

If you've been keeping up with our calendar, you know that the past 48 hours have been SO busy here at LtS. We hope you came out, but if not, you'll be seeing our digital recap soon. But first, please let us take a moment to brag about our artists!

Over on the other coast, our pal Ross Racine is part of a group show known as Environments at Cain Schulte Contemporary. We hope that, if you're in the area, you'll stop by and see his work! Also Ross fans should continue to keep an eye on us, because we're expecting to have something to say about some brand new work in the autumn...

Meanwhile, artist Jenny Morgan continues to become the darling of cyberspace. This time the chain begins with We ♥ It being moved to speechlessness by one of Jenny's self-portraits they found at Look In Art, who cross links back to the interview at Variations In Northern Degradations from earlier this year. After you see all these lovely images, remember, Jenny's got work right here in the gallery as part of Marked, and we think you should come in and see that work in person. And don't forget our other artists as well!

At Like the Spice, we love it when our friends become successful! So take that, Morrissey. Nyah.

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