Monday, June 28, 2010

The Esssence of the Northside

Saturday night the gallery walls were a bumpin' with the sweet sounds of creativity. Three bands - Grasshopper, Drunk Decade, and The Dan Peck Trio, were a wonderful addition to the art which has been happily living on the walls of Like the Spice and in our gallery space. The fact that no pieces fell due to the intense vibrations was a true testament to our competence when it comes to hanging work.

The evening started off with the ska inspired experimental jazz and electronic duo Grasshopper. The dynamic set responded to the energy of the crowd and left us wanting more. See here is Josh blowing hard at his trumpet answering Jesse's electronic prompts.

Next came Drunk Decade. The inspiring solo performance by Michael displayed vigorous multitasking that augmented the positive energy in the room.

The juxtaposition of new age equipment and avant-garde homemade instruments kept us on our toes. So too did the smell of burning rubber (due to the massive amps relative to the small space of our gallery), which in combination with deep vibrations best experienced sitting on the floor, served to complete a total sensory experience.

The night finished off with The Dan Peck Trio. The unorthodox use of bows on the all the instruments ranging from the bass to the drums and tuba produced really satisfying and unusual sounds. Their practiced relating and interconnectedness was really evident in their music.

All in all Saturday night was a smaller scale representation of all that Brooklyn and the Northside Festival has come to represent - a space that fosters a community of creativity and an environment where people come to actively seek an exchange and dialogue of expression. What awesomeness.

If you were here you know what I'm talking about. And if not then perhaps this might teach you to take advantage of all the creativity and coolness that is the essence of what is offered in just this one borough, and at least this weekend at Like the Spice Gallery.

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Jesse Grasshopper said...

Thanks again for having us! Hope it's okay if I put the pics on my blog (credited of course). Great show, great space, great art. Keep up the good fight.