Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Were Doing Figure Ates All Night Long!

Last night's dinner, a little thing called Figure Ates celebrated our current and very very wonderful Marked: A Show of Figure, as well the triumphant homecoming of dear sweet Europe-loving Marisa! Besides being jealous at her stories of Italy and Switzerland, Like the Spice guests had an awesome time eating Spanish food, drinking home-made sangria, and last but not least, listening to the wisdom that a few of our artists parleyed. After all, we'd been doing so much work getting ready for Saturday's Northside Festival (more on that later) that serving a 4 course meal for 25 people didn't seem so hard.

So while we wined and dined, a few of our artists (whose work is current hanging in the show) spoke with inspiring clarity and purpose on subjects ranging from the World Cup to their process and content, and their undeniable connection to the figure. While the subject of the figure connects artists Jenny Morgan, Reuben Negron, and Chino Amobi, their approaches and reasons for employing figurative imagery varies greatly.

Here's Marisa and the back of Jenny Morgan chatting with another local artist. Not including the food, the highlight of our dinners is this chance for our friends and collectors to get to meet the minds behind the art, and in this way, get a better understanding of both where they've been, and where they are headed.

That's Reuben Negron holding down the left side of the image. As you can see with a quick visit to his artist page, Reuben's really grown as an artist over the last year. It's always a pleasure having him stop in to talk about his ideas and inspirations, and we think all our guests agreed.

Here's newcomer Chino Amobi, the most recent artist to join up with Like the Spice. This was Chino's first dinner, so maybe he didn't know what to expect, but he still came ready to talk and he did a great job. We're pretty sure he had a good time too, so maybe we'll be seeing him again?

Speaking of which, maybe it's time to start planning for next time...

Did you miss out? If you did, that's a total shame. But don't worry, we're already getting the wheels in motion for next month's edition of the Monthly Dinner Series. Keep an eye on our events page for more! And remember, Marked runs until August 8th, so stop by and enjoy!

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