Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone Loves The Homeless Boys

Everybody knows that Greg Haberny's Homeless Boys Social Club has currently got us swelling with pride. But just in case you DON'T know, we just wanted to mention that we've extended the show to June 6th, which means you've got NO excuse for skipping out. What? You need more incentive? Okay, well, then, take a look at all these favorable reviews.

First up, and we mentioned this before, we got the nod from AnimalNewYork, which made us very happy. And we were just as happy with being seen on ArtCat. All those internet beasts are paying attention to us at last!

We also got some notice from Brooklyn The Borough (do you think it's a coincidence that they listed us first?) and we were a featured opening on NYArtBeat. Thanks so much for the attention, everybody! We're so happy to be noticed.

And speaking of notice, look who just got listened on Time Out's Feed Blog! Like we said before, this Friday's dinner with Greg Haberny's gonna be really, really big. So stop stalling, because you're almost out of time for you to RSVP. We'll be serving here in the gallery, and featuring some delicious BBQ from Fette Sau and Fatty Cue. Competition is such a harsh term, so let's just call it a delicious cooperation in which our dinner guests will vote to decide which restaurant wins a small piece from our current show, The Homeless Boys Social Club. And remember, Greg himself will be telling us all about his work and life. We're close to full right now, so RSVP ASAP!

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