Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Of Us Are Better Than One Of Us

And how can we be "all of us" without you? After all, you have that one special ingredient we need to make Stone Soup, which not coincidentally is the name of our very next installment of the Monthly Dinner Series, happening this Friday, April 23rd.

Of course, we'll be featuring Greg Haberny, the artist behind our current (and if we do say so ourselves, fantastic) show The Homeless Boys Social Club. Greg's an artist who's steeped in good stories, and it's easy to get lost in them. We're thinking this is a dinner you don't want to miss... especially since places are already filling up!

The meal itself? What's more traditional than a good ol'fashioned BBQ? We've got Fett Sau on board with an exciting menu, but who knows? Maybe in just a few days we'll have an additional surprise guest chef on the side!

As long-time readers need not be reminded, our previous dinners have been tremendous. Served family-style in the gallery itself, our Monthly Dinners offer a night of great food, great art, and great conversation. But the remaining spaces are highly limited, so we urge you to RSVP now! Because if you're not here on Friday, April 23rd... something's going to be missing!

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