Sunday, April 18, 2010

All We Can Say Is WOW

Seriously. WOW. Both in heavy traffic and outstanding sales, opening night of Greg Haberny's Homeless Boys Social Club has performed beyond our WILDEST dreams.

That photo above was taken just before we started, and boy, are we glad we chose to do it then. Because look at the place just a few hours later...

Despite the rain, traffic was HUGE throughout the night, with familiar friends and brand new visitors alike coming to see Greg's two level show. The party kept shifting from upstairs to downstairs and back again, and we were all in motion... even Greg! If you weren't able to catch him unoccupied and talk to him in person, keep an eye out for our podcast interview to appear later this week, because he's quite an interesting guy.

Greg's just coming off a successful appearance at the Philips de Pury auction house, so it's no surprise how well he's performing here. It's exciting to know so many pieces are already destined for good homes, and just as exciting to see all the ones still waiting to be discovered. All night long, we kept hearing "That's amazing!" and "Tell me more about that piece." and we went home tired, but happy. Can you believe we'll be doing this every day until June 6th? That's right, pay no attention to our press release, because we're so in love that we've extended the show!

Greg has also been getting some love from the Like the Spice artists. Below you can see how we caught dear sweet Rachel Beach enjoying the fun.

Greg's got a director's heart, so he approaches his installations in a rather cinematic way, adding music and controlling the light and available pathways for travel. We expect this is why everyone ended up downstairs, talking about everything under the sun. Hip Hop? Politics? Volcanoes? Art Fairs? And that was just our little corner!

There's so much work, we can't possibly cover it all. We'll be doing our best to adding the images to Greg's special preview page as fast as we can, but we think the best way to view the work is to see it is in person! So take advantage of the improving weather and stop in to see The Homeless Boys Social Club. We are certain you will be impressed.

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