Saturday, May 14, 2011

One and the Many, Many, Many

Best Friday the 13th ever! Last night was the opening for Jenny Morgan's fabulous show, One and the Many.

The almost surreal subjects of Jenny's paintings (many of whom were in attendance - in the flesh) gazed wistfully out at the excited attendees who stared right back, trying to determine exactly what the figures were saying with their eyes. Everyone was utterly blown away with the magnitude and subtle depth of Jenny's most recent body of work. Guests mingled and sipped one and many glasses of wine, but it was difficult to lose focus on the artwork itself.

It was great to see the art-hungry crowd and the look of pride on the artist's parents faces (they were visiting from Utah!).

Anyone look familiar?

We were able to see the models of the portraits right next to their painted depictions and realize just how talented an artist Jenny Morgan is.

Last night we unveiled a set of unique silkscreen prints (50 editions) of Mimic, which are available for purchase. They are beautifully printed on Canson printmaking paper and are available framed and unframed. Some of the editions were sold last night and they are continuing to head off to their new homes - so get one while you can!

We had a fantastic turnout (and so much fun!) and we'd like to thank everyone for coming. Make sure to RSVP for our monthly artist's dinner series, A Layered Menu, for an opportunity to have a scrumptious dinner with Jenny Morgan and hear about her artistic process and inspirations.

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Very cool-nice show review!