Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jenny Morgan at Postmasters: Total Success!

Friday, the 2nd of April, and we were there. Because when one of our artists gets to be part of a show at Postmasters, we have to at least put in an appearance. We rubbed elbows with Jerry Saltz, Marilyn Minter, practically every art blogger we've ever met in our lives, and of course, the fantastic Jenny Morgan.

As part of the group show Mirror Mirror, Jenny represented herself wonderfully. You can clearly see how well her latest pieces fit into this group portrait show, and we were very very proud that she was invited to take part in such a wonderful show. Congratulations, Jenny!

Naturally, we highly recommend that you visit Postmasters in Chelsea to check out this show, open through May 8th. But if you'd like a sneak preview of what Jenny's has in the show...

Don't forget, you can see more of Jenny's art at any time, on her Like the Spice artist webpage.

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