Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Im-pressed With Our World

We're wrapping up our current show, The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create, but there's still a little time left. If you've been procrastinating, keep in mind that Saturday's the very last day for you to safely enjoy the works of Langdon Graves, Misako Inaoka, Patrick Jacobs, Matthew Northridge, Diana Puntar, R. Justin Stewart and Jessica Stoller. We've been showing them off for a few weeks now, and you can guess, these artists have been getting some well deserved attention.

Art blog Can You Dig It paid us a visit, and said:

After having a tour of the gallery it became evident to me how Like the Spice Gallery has remained successful amidst such a difficult economic climate where many galleries have been forced to close their doors.

which made us all feel really good. We also got a shout-out from the team at L Magazine, which included these kind words:
Some, like the weirdly organic objects made from construction materials by R. Justin Stewart, are abstract and otherworldly, while others create strange figurative situations, like Jessica Stoller's absurd fairy tale ceramics or Patrick Jacobs' miniature diorama illusions. We're particularly partial to Diana Puntar's cave-like outcroppings of wooden disks and mirror balls, which make us feel like interplanetary spelunkers.

But that wasn't all. We got some attention C-monster, and Alan Lupani's Artblogny"c" put together a nice little slide show presentation showing how much he enjoyed joining us for dinner. Pretty good press, right?

So, c'mon! Why don't you join us this week and check out the show?

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