Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Lies Beneath

Some galleries have skeletons in the closet. We've got artists in the basement! Get ready, because on April 9th, we've got a very special Artist's Residency coming from Greg Haberny, who'll also be the guy responsible for our upcoming LtS show, I Can't Be Stopped.

Starting on March 26th, Greg will be moving into our basement, working very hard to transform it from a modest-but-lovely downstairs exhibition space into a fabulous work of... well, we don't even know what yet.

THIS JUST IN! Greg tells us we can expect to see "The Homeless Boys Social Club", a cardboard shelter in our basement where one might even get one's shoes shined in exchange for "change". He's in Miami now, writing down lots of ideas. More as we know it!

Greg's been showing all over the East Coast, from New York to Miami and then back to Connecticut, so we know we can trust him, but what's he's going coming will surely surprise us all. Head to our special party page to read a little more. Just plan now to save the night of April 9th, because that's going to be our first glimpse at the upcoming show!

PS, save April 16th too, because that's the real opening night. We'll tell you more soon. Promise.

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